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deb's dribs and drabs

Confessions of a TV Slut

25 July 1959
Wife and mother, finally completed my BA (after ONLY eight years), majors English Literature and Communication & Cultural Studies, and graduated in 2007. Went on to a Master of English Literatures, with plans to use my half completed Honours thesis comparing Buffy and Veronica Mars as heroes but eventually decided that an in-depth analysis of a loved show is the quickest way to kill that love, so moved on to using my half-baked theory of vampires in English literature as 'representing current socio-cultural fears' and wrote an extra long mini-thesis on vampires as metaphors in the TV show True Blood titled "God Hates Fangs: Vampires, Homosexuality and Homoeroticism in Alan Ball's True Blood. I completed that Masters in 2010. I briefly flirted with doing a Grad Dip Ed (becoming a high school teacher) but quickly realised the absurdity of that considering my advanced age. Am now considering doing a Master of Arts (Communication and Media Studies) - hey I get to study Alien etc in 'Visual Pleasures: Feminism Goes to the Movies', among other subjects! But that's enough about me ...

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