Two "me" days declared

My sympathy for others is stretched to the max at the moment.  BM was whinging about work last night, yet another 'restructure' is looming.  Usually I'm full of compassion - he's the one who goes to work, commuting for over 3 hours to and from Sydney every day, working in a stressful environment whilst I lead the life of the lady of leisure.  This week I have no spare sympathy, not an iota, not a jot, not a crumb - I am without sympathy.  I declared today and tomorrow ME days.  I am beyond stressed - I have to do a seminar presentation tomorrow (hate, hate, hate them), and of course I have a cold sore developing.  Gee I wonder why.  So I'm going to be selfish and not worry about anyone else until my stuff is out of the way.

  • BM's work problems - don't care.
  • J's end of year school stuff - I'll worry about that next week.
  • Mum-in-law's spiralling dementia, and colonoscopy next week - not on my radar at the moment.

Back to my presentation and my state of selfishness.

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Dear world,

Stop bugging my friend. Or else.

Yours truly,

So I'm going to be selfish and not worry about anyone else until my stuff is out of the way.

You know what? GOOD. Sounds as thought some ME time for YOU is long overdue! (I rhymed!)

Take care of yourself! :-D

Me days. They are so few and far between, so you stick to your selfishness. Good luck with the presentations.
I think we all should declare one day a month (or more!!!) a ME day. Presentation is mostly finished, all shiny PowerPoint with spinning images etc to take the spotlight off me.
Well, with one or two 'Me days' a month, and Eye Candy Fridays, I think we're doing rather well.
Well it started last Friday with the sexy gorgeous assistant swimming instructor when I took Ellen swimming, which naturally I had to make a post about. Then amybnnyc had an equally gorgeous visitor at her place of work that same day, and Eye Candy Friday was born.

Today's assistant was different, but still quite nice to look at (dark rather than fair, but still young and sexy). Still, I get my husband back today, so won't need to ogle young men any longer (not!).
Ahhhh, I remember both those posts! I could say, you know, if it was the case, that, possibly, I could do a little ogling in class, maybe ....
You'll be great.

You have to worry about your stuff first and get it out of the way!