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Joss and "Serenity"

My sleep deficit has inceased.  It was a long bloody day yesterday.  Headed up to Sydney at 3pm yesterday, and arrived home at 12:30am this morning, but it was worth it.  Thoroughly enjoyed seeing the finished Serenity, I so hope it does well when it is released, and even though I knew what was going to happen, I still got teary in a couple of sections (those who've seen it, you know what I mean).  We got to the Fox Studios at about 5pm, apparently people had been turning up since before 4pm, but after grabbing tickets, getting something to eat and then waiting in line to be let into the theatre at about 5:50pm, my friend and I ended up getting seats on the second tier (about 6 rows from the front), which ended up being very good because the autographs were done row by row, so we got out relatively early at about 10pm, plus we were right next to the entrance where Joss entered, so we were the first to see him when he walked in.  The Aussie Browncoats presented him with his own 'browncoat', a drizabone jacket, and he will be presented with an Akubra hat in Melbourne to go with the coat.  He seemed quite chuffed. 

I will try to remember some of the Q&A and post later.  He gave some really long answers about the 'families' he created on his shows, and working with the actors on Firefly, and talked about his 'feminist' heroes - on his shows and in real life.  He was funny and engaging and completely endearing, and seemed very relaxed and comfortable, although he could have just been hugely jetlagged.  The Q&A was filmed - apparently it will be an extra on the Serenity dvd when it's released next year. 

One of the questions he was asked, and that I can remember most of the reply, was if he was stranded on a desert island what five people would he want there with him (dead or alive).   His response was Jane Austen (his first female crush), Caligula because you needed a master of ceremonies and who would be better, himself(?), Emma Thompson, because he admires her a lot, and George Bush - because you would have to have something to eat!!!

I think Joss has now moved to the top of my SuperSekritBoyfriendCrush list.  More later after I've had some breakfast. 

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Sounds as though you had a really good time. Loved his answer to the desert island question. And he's a leftie, too.

Whenever I think of Caligula I think of John Hurt in I Claudius, one of my favourite ever TV programmes.
It was very enjoyable.

Now you've got me thinking about I Claudius, and the guy who played the lead, whose name I can't remember - old age is rapidly creeping up!
Glad you had a good time, honey. With everything that's been going on lately, you deserve it. Take care. 18 days to go...
It was very pleasant to have a few hours where it was 'just about me'. J even rang me about 20 mins before we got home because he couldn't go to sleep until he knew I was safely on my way home. He was worried about me being in the big city late at night - his last words to me before he headed off to school yesterday were 'be careful Mum'. I think I might just keep him after all ;-)!!
Oh yeah. I need a new crush, and snag intellectuals do it for me. Can I borrow your icon?
When he was talking about his female heroes in his shows, and how his mum was such a strong person, yadda, yadda, yadda - he also said that his wife was one of his heroes. Had me melting, the big galoot.

I just prettied up the icon a bit - BM said I needed to adjust the 'temperature' of the pic becuase Joss was too red ::rolls eyes:: Feel free to share in my crush and snag the icon - if you prefer the old one, I'll load it back up.
I think it might have looked better before. JW looks as if someone has swabbed his face with iodine now. You should know better than to listen to a man...
Those males think they know everything, hmmm, - we still have a few tricks of our own, thank you very much. I am woman, hear me roar!
Oh, fantastic! I'm so excited you got to do this. :) I can't wait to see it again, too!
I was fairly excited myself! Has there been any similar events in the States (I know some of the actors turned up at the advance screenings)?

My son is slightly jealous that I've seen it 2 times already - he's really looking forward to seeing it now, roll on Sept 29. My friend who went with me said she'll probably go see it again once it's officially released as well.
You should see the grin on my face

Probably a bit like mine ;).

Will try to do some more on the Q&A today, or if I get incredibly lazy, link to a couple of posts on the Browncoat board - some people have a far better memory than me. I was too busy soaking up the Jossness.