Sunday morning musings

  1. Off to see Joss tomorrow.  Autographs are part of the package (yippee), and we are allowed to take in still cameras, so I'll have badly lit photographic proof of the event.  The man has landed in Sydney today and invited people via the Browncoats posting board to have a drink with him at a pub in the Rocks this evening.  He's either incredibly stupid or jetlagged - there are a lot of crazy Whedon fans out there, some probably boarding flights for Sydney as I type. ETA - About 90 people turned up for drinks with Joss, he spent time at each table, signed whatever was given to him, had heaps of photos taken with fans even though he was hugely jetlagged - how cool is that? I'm hugely impressed by the amount of respect the guy shows to his fans - I'm really looking forward to tomorrow, and have to admit to feeling a little starstruck "Joss is my master now".
  2. BM spent 5 hours in Emergency with his mum on Friday night.  She was supposed to be taking medication for a problem, got confused and ended up taking 8 sachets instead of 2.  BM ended up leaving in disgust after waiting so long, and having read the instructions found that for certain problems 8 sachets is OK.  He went with her to her doctor on Saturday morning, and the dreaded word Dementia was uttered for the first time, although we have had our suspicions for a while.  I guess our next step will be to get her assessed, and decide if she will be able to continue living alone - at least we've been through it all before, when BM's dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, still it's never an easy process, for anyone involved.  Thankfully she made a living will so BM can take over her care whenever it becomes necessary.   Ahh, that wonderful stage in life when you still have children to worry about, and aging parents to care for as well.
  3. I have mostly finished fiddling with my new layout, still have to add some boxes in the sidebar, and will probably make a new header sometime soon (only after I finish my uni work, of course talesofspike), but am more or less pleased with the look.  At least it's a more entertaining way to fill in my time than ironing!
  4. Off to check flist and catch up a little, although at the moment I'm suffering from serious sleep deficit, bloody cricket, bloody football, bloody m-i-ls.
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Football? What football?

Have fun with Joss. Given him heaps. Of stuff. Ask him why he sucks the juice out of religion when he pretends he doesn't actually believe in it. Then again you could always rush up and kiss him. Or hold up lit candles or something.

I'll just sneak back to the cricket. (I think there should be statistics taken of how many people have had nervous breakdowns while watching this series.)
Football? What football?

Confession time - I'm very parochial and patriotic sometimes in relation to sport. Our local team (sort of - they combined a few years ago with a Sydney team - long boring story) is in the Rugby League finals, so I'm right there with them - GO THE MIGHTY ST GEORGE-ILLAWARRA DRAGONS!!!!!!

Joss - I'm inwardly very excited, and as much as I would like to berate him about certain "Buffy" related matters, I will probably crumble in his presence.
Joss: yay!

M-I-L: Ah well, at least the last year's decline is being acknowledged by the medical profession.
Joss is my God, a sad but true fact.

Acknowledgment is of the good, even if we know what that means for us.