Feeling better now ...

Firstly, a BIG THANK YOU to all of you who worked on the Build-Deb-Up Project.  My parenting skills are feeling much less battered today than they were yesterday.  Thank you all for your kind comments.  ::hugs flist tightly, and sends virtual chocolates and champagne your way::

Secondly, men are men, however old they are.  J's definition of a 'meeting' is a phonecall sometime in the next few days to arrange something more formal.  He always has been the big picture guy - little things like details, times, plans are somebody else's concern.  I remember helping out in class when he was in Year 6 and going over to his group, everyone else was busy with little projects, J was pontificating on top of a table.  I asked him what was his role in the group - he told me he was the 'supervisor'.  The funny thing was that no-one in the group took him to task over it.  Yep, big picture guy, that's my J - and a little lazy.  Still I got a hug and a "I love you, Mum" today, so I'm not complaining (now there's a pleasant change from my usual whining).

Thirdly, my self-esteem received a much needed boost today when my last uni essay was handed back.  Woo Hoo, I got 85%, which is a High Distinction.  Made me feel that there is something I'm capable of doing - I apparently have a "very direct and engaging writing style", whatever that means.

Fourthly, the Aussies are doing well at the cricket, or at least, better than in previous matches anyway.  I may find Shane Warne's off field behaviour morally reprehensible, but he's one hell of a cricket player.

Lastly, go the non-fabricated individuals on Australian Idol.  Can I also say how happy I was to see songs from Powderfinger and Hunters & Collectors chosen.  In the words of the dorky dweeb that some of us love, admire, or lust over (that would be James Marsters), YOU RAWK!!!  Can't say the same for those who chose Johnny Farnham numbers though ...

I apparently have a "very direct and engaging writing style", whatever that means.

It obviously means you say what you mean very clearly and they like it. :)
Congrats on the 85%. Woo hoo. That and a hug and an 'I love you' from a grown son makes a day worthwhile.

Have to agree with you on the Shane Warne front, he played amazingly yesterday (git). Have to see how long we can hold out for this morning, then I'll be hoping for a flurry of quick wickets, whereas you'll be hoping for a massive run total. Still, as they say, 'it's only a game'.

I don't know that they show Australian Idol over here (we do get American Idol), but we're currently at the audition stage of the X Factor, which is a similar sort of show, but at the end of the auditions each of the three judges gets put in charge of a different category - young, older or groups, and they then have a right old dingdong trying to get the eventual winner of the show to be from their category. (does that make sense?) I love the auditions, how some of these people think they've a hope in hell of making it as a singer really beggars belief.
Thanks for the congrats.

Come on guys - get this last wicket!!! ;-)

We had X-Factor earlier this year - as with Idol, I can't understand how some of these people actually think they can sing. Family members need to understand the cliche 'cruel to be kind', and use it judiciously.