Birthday Greetings


It has been great having another Aussie on my flist to share the Buffy/Firefly/Veronica Mars/Farscape love.  Hope Hong Kong is treating you well and that you have a really great day, even if you are far from home and busy working.

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Thanks! It's great to meet you through lj too. ::hugs::

Work hasn't really been that intense yet, I leave around 6.30pm, guess that's ok!

Ooh, and was Joss on Rove this week? How was it? (Joss! Q&A! You'll have to tell us about it. *g*)
This only just came through - LJ's very strange sometimes.

Joss is on Rove next Tues, as well as Sunrise. If I find a download anywhere, I'll direct you to it. Will definitely write something on the Q&A - we even get autographs!!!!