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Wednesday musings

  • J seems to be a lot more equable at the moment.  He decided not to take the anti-depressants because his friends advised him that they can be addictive, and he felt that he would prefer to work through his depression in his own way (I was conflicted enough for both of us - medication works for a lot of people, and can be very helpful, but I wasn't too sure whether it was necessary for him at this moment in time).  The sentencing of his friend's murderer may have also helped - that chapter is finally closed with both boys involved now serving prison sentences.  I think the looming HSC (end of school exams, like SATs or O-levels etc) is also taking its toll on him.  He is concerned he will get a low UAI (university admission index), and has more or less ruled out going on to tertiary studies, at least at university anyway.  He is currently planning to join the Army Reserves, and then pursue a career in the Army if he finds his Reserves experience enjoyable.  Not sure how I feel about this turn of events, but he seems to be much more settled in himself now that he has a firm course of action planned.  Of course the nearly waist length hair will have to go!!
  • I keep waiting for another shoe to drop - almost 2 weeks now, and no major crisis.  My neck is sore from checking skywards.
  • The tutorial presentation that I thought was 2 weeks away, is apparently next week.  At least I've started work on it.
  • I have finally worked out how to insert a header via advanced customisation (thanks for the link spikereader).  I will probably fiddle with my LJ layout over the next few days until I'm finally more or less happy with the look.
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J seems to be a lot more equable at the moment.

That's good to hear. I've had no first hand experience of depression, but it sounds as though he has had a great deal of stressful stuff to cope with all at the same time. Can't have been easy for you either, watching him go through it all. Hope things continue on their even keel for you both.
seems to be a lot more equable at the moment.

After tonight's performance, I reserve the right to withdraw that statement. Although I suspect it had more to do with teenage hormonal surges than a depressive state - sometimes it's a fine line.

Do you mind if I blame you for my wasted hours of LJ layout tweaking?? I am so easily distracted, of course when it comes to ironing, I can find all sorts of other things to do ...
Do you mind if I blame you for my wasted hours of LJ layout tweaking?? I am so easily distracted, of course when it comes to ironing, I can find all sorts of other things to do ...

Blame away, my shoulders are broad, I can take it.

I'm easily distracted too, and am immensely proud of the fact that this afternoon I cleaned half the windows in our conservatory (ie 14 panes plus uPVC framework) and did lots of ironing, instead of switching on the computer and playing. I suppose I did have the distraction of three episodes of Farscape on at the same time.
I have finally worked out how to insert a header via advanced customisation (thanks for the link spikereader).

More than I did. I got so far in doing stuff on the S1 customisation that when I found how to get into the S2 stuff my brain had just reached overload capacity, so I spent another day trying to work out when some of my links wouldn't work (turned out not to be the links themselves, but bits of code before them, but I was very confused for a long time) and stuck with S1. Maybe at some point, probably far in the future when I'm less behind with writing and hubby isn't trying to transfer 3 series worth of Spooks to DVD before S4 starts, I can have a pretty comments page again...
I take a certain pride in working out things in my advanced age. Yesterday in class, one of the young girls (young being like 19!!) was saying how she doesn't know how to transfer work to discs, or use memory sticks (or whatever the hell they called), and I was feeling quite chuffed at myself because I'll be doing my presentation in Powerpoint, on a laptop (borrowed from uni), with my info carried around in one of those nifty usb memory sticks.

The tutorial I used for the header was the simplest set of instructions I have used - I think I ended up trying about 6 or 8 different S2 layouts after I did the first header. Previously I'd printed off instructions, read them, read them again, and again, and then threw my hands up in disgust. This was just so easy, and I'm really happy to have found a style that I can really tinker with - you can add 6 or 7 boxes in the sidebar etc, which I'll get around to eventually.
Header tutorial
Here's the link that spikereader gave me: here it is. It really was a simple matter of cut and paste the HTML instructions provided, adding only your URL for the hosted image, and the desired pixel size of image.
Re: Header tutorial
That sounds pretty straight forward to me. It might even be the key as to how to get a background image as well, as what they seem to be doing is saying add this as a background image but don't tile it...

I think tomorrow (or sooner if the insomnia keeps up) a quick fix might be in order to add the banner to a standard layout and then at a future date, I can try to make it more like the site layout, but for the moment, I'd have the pretty banner and a not completely naff comments page, which, after all, is what mosy people actually see... Why is it that there's a level of tired I reach when I can't sleep and where writing is impossible but faffing with technical stuff doesn't bother me?
Re: Header tutorial
It's done! I have a proper comments page again and I can edit my postings when I find typos without having to switch styles to do it... And I have my pretty Selene banner!

Gah! that makes me sound like the roommate from hell in The Freshman, but you know what I mean and the spelling is different.
Re: Header tutorial
Me! The problem is that when I was doing all the concentrating on the layout stuff, I wasn't dozing off through the day like I normally would, and it all caught up on me, so that today/yesterday I got up at 7, went back to bed by 9, then got up at 12 and was back in bed by 3 for another 3 hours all after sleeping a full night last night, so I shouldn't really be surprised that I can't sleep now, but I just wish if my body's going to be awake, my brain would be awake enough to write.

Back to turning people green, I guess, and then I'll give sleeping another try.
Re: Header tutorial
Back to turning people green


Could do with some sleep myself - stayed up till about 2:30am last night after BM spent several hours at emergency with his mum. Then up early to take her to the doctor - looks like we'll have to deal with the onset of dementia. Just as well she put a living will in place - BM will be able to make whatever necessary decisions. Ahhh, that time of your life, still have kids to look after, AND elderly parents as well.
Re: Header tutorial
My friends list were originally all set up so their names appear in white writing inside a dark violet box, but that didn't go very well, so I had to change them all so that they now appear in dark grey text on an aqua background, which is as close as I can manage to getting the coloured box to blend with the bar it's part of.

Hope things with BM's mum don't get too stressful. It's not like I have any experience but if you want to vent at any point I'm willing to listen, on LJ or by email.
Re: Header tutorial
That's another thing I was pleased to get back - individual colours on my friends, each one was allocated their own colour, and I lost that in the last layout - I'm very happy to have that back.

The doctor this morning mentioned the dread word dementia, but as we've been there, done that, with BM's dad (he suffered from Alzheimer's), at least this time round we know the bureaucratic hoops that need to be jumped through.
Re: Header tutorial
I gave all my friends individual colours that sort of toned with my first layout, but when I switched to a paid account I decided just to make them all the same rather than start all over.

I'll keep my fingers crossed re BM's mum. It sounds like you know what you're up against, but any time you want an ear...