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Pardon me a fangirl moment ...



Just booked tickets for myself and a friend to attend a special screening of Serenity next Monday which will be followed by a Q&A session with Joss Whedon.  I'm kinda excited, and feeling a little bit nerdy. 

Back to tea preparation.

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You big fangirl, you. Bet that Q&A will be really interesting, I'm sure you'll have a great time.
Oh, you fangirl too. I keep telling myself it's not so bad because I only have to catch a train to Sydney (plus the $30 ticket). I could have gone to see JM last year/this year but ... plane fares/accommodation - too expensive, well that's what I told myself. I've done my fan stuff before anyway, but only to Sydney (Patrick Stewart/John DeLancie/Michael Dorn - (can you guess my previous fandom???) - BUT this is Joss, I can't pass that up!
Wheee! And sigh. I saw the news and I could have been there with you, dammit! :-(

But have fun! And please do a report! It's Joss!! ::is nerd too::
I thought of you when I was booking the tickets!

I keep thinking why am I doing this, I've already seen "Serenity", ... but it's Joss!!!! No way could I pass up that opportunity.
He's in australia? Wow. I'm always the last to know. Is it in Sydney? And what did you think of the top 13?
He's making a very brief promotional visit next week - Sydney on Monday and Melbourne on Tuesday, and that's about it. I'll head up to Sydney to see "Serenity" again, and then the Q&A with Joss follows that.

Top 13 - I was glad that Roxane got another chance, but I really don't like Emily(?). It's a bit of a ho-hum bunch - will be interesting to see them together as a group next week.
I was actually pretty disappointed with the two the judges chose. I liked Micheal a whole lot, but it will be interesting to see which two go first. And I just love that they broke the rules, because it really wasn't fair for the public to pick Laura over Roxanne. That was too shocking for words.
I was surprised and disappointed too. Can't say anyone from the wildcard group really grabbed me. I hope Laura is out next week - pity we can't vote people out, rather than keep them in. I don't know whether to look forward to, and be scared of, the song choices in next week's Aussie theme night ;).
There are some good ones to choose from, but Holy God please no one sing What about Me. Shannon Noll completely killed it for me. NO ONE is as good as Alex Smith.
We were watching the show where INXS are trying to find a new singer at someone else's place on the weekend (actually people who know the Aussie singer still left in the comp - Mig I think his name was), and 2 people sang classics that should never be sung by anyone else - Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here and Bohemian Rhapsody, sung by a female, no less. They both sounded so wrong.
LOL. Have to say, I would go to concerts if they took on the guy that won the last Popstars--Kane Taylor. I don't normally watch that show but he was fantastic, and totally gipped. Won a recording contract and they renegged. And shame here, but I loved Bohemian Rhap. done by Constantine in US Idol.
JM is an actor but JW is a Creator ::dies from snobbery lightening strike:: Tell us all!

And I'm so glad that you and your friends haven't given up on AI, as boring as the wild card show was.
JW is a Creator

Even if we weren't always happy with what we saw on the screen, we must be grateful for his creations. I'll do my best to remember what is said - maybe a photo or two, if they allow cameras.
AI - I'm hoping the momentum picks up a little now we're into the Top 13(?). I've sort of forgotten who is in the bloody 13.
You should ask Joss if he wants to do a TV series about a cricket team who fight evil.

waahhaaaahaaaaa....... choke, splutter
Freddie the Aussie Slayer, perhaps, as the title?

I keep thinking of things to ask, and then discard, because I won't have the guts to stand up and ask anyway. I'll just bask.
Me with the dirty mind? what about that icon, huh?

Deb, you must must ask questions -- if I'm brave enough to ask Jane Espenson about the attempted rape in Seeing Red, you're brave enough to ask Joss anything. Besides, bravery -- TV appearance, remember?
Sorry about the icon (smirk), I clicked on the wrong one. Hope there were no little eyes around!!!

I will seriously think about asking a question, just not sure what.

What a cool LJ you have now! Peach. Well, I'm sure my feng shui books will have something to say about that! But I love the ``ships'' pictures and the ``academic wanking''.

Cricket. Sigh. I'm scared but I can't wait. It is so big. Gonna do a bit of a post later in the day, to bore the Yanks on my friends list even more. I was reading an English article today that said Americans routinely confuse cricket with croquet.
The layout is coming together nicely - I'm actually quite pleased with it. If you ever want to fancy up your LJ I could attempt to make a banner and stuff for you - just let me know what/who you would like in the banner, and what colours etc.

Americans routinely confuse cricket with croquet. ROFLMAO!!
'Nother new icon today!

Oh, a banner! Thanks so much. I might take you up on it.