All quiet on the downunder front

1.  A whole week with no major dramas.  Praise be.

2   J seems to be in a stage of equilibrium - no major fallout out from sentencing verdict.  Hallelujah.

3.  Am avoiding the news, disturbing images in so many ways.  Black = looters, white = survivors.  Damn.

4.  Whilst not watching the news I have been re-watching TV series via Bigpond Movies (delivered to your door!!).  This week it's been Smallville and Harsh Realm.  Yippee.

5.  Currently working on PowerPoint presentation for uni on urban water.  Having lots of fun animating text and images, but doing very little work on the actual presentation.  Snerk.

6.  It's September, which means new episodes of Veronica Mars and Lost (OK, and Smallville) very, very soon.  Yay. 

7.  Have been in a slight funk this week - even managed to turn up for class on Wednesday, even though it's reading week, and therefore no classes.  Oops.

8.  Better do some flist catching up, have been somewhat slack this week.  Bye.

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