For those who have followed the saga ...

M got 22 years with 15 years non-parole.  Doesn't seem quite enough for the taking of another life, though what is adequate punishment - I have no idea.  God knows how J will handle the sentencing.  I'm bracing for the storm.
Thanks for that.

Also sorry for lack of feedback and responses to new chapters/e-mails - sort of in a non-feedback funk at the moment. I promise I will do better in the future :-).
Don't be worrying about replies and stuff. I just wanted to make sure that you had realised that you were the pile of goo in question, and I'm not sure I'd have bothered if I'd seen the later post first. You and J are what's important now. Take care of each other and just be aware that when an electronic hug or a listening ear might help, I'll be around.

More **HUGS**.
On the other hand, M's already misspent his youth, and 15 years behind bars will mean his young adulthood is gone too. Not his whole life, but a whole lot of it.

Hugs to you and of course to J.
I think the worst part is that he has shown no remorse whatsoever - even the judge commented on it. Guess he's got time to reconsider that point of view.

I feel I'm in a bit of a funky fog at the moment - even went to class this morning even though it's reading week - d'oh!!
That is awful that he has expressed no remorse. I think it must be much harder for the victim's family to have any sense of closure. It all sounds so hard to experience.

Sorry to hear you are in a funky fog at the moment. I feel like the wind here is blowing my brains out of my ears. That's my excuse for showing up late/not at all.
Huh? I missed something here, didn't I? And in other news...Brogden? Gahhhhh, we shame ourselves and commit suicide? I thought politicians were meant to be strong. They're just weak little twerps.
Huh? I missed something here, didn't I?

Long convoluted story for recent flisters. Shortish version - a friend of my son's disappeared in 2000. During Missing Person's Week in 2003 a 15 yr old boy came forward and admitted to participating in his murder with another boy - this boy was 17 and the main protagonist. The body was recovered, and J and his friends have been dealing with it ever since. The two boys involved were also friends of my son and his group of friends - it's been very hard on everyone involved.

Brogden - I have no words.
Did the judge saying anything of interest? I hope J handles it OK and I'm thinking of you all. Hope it starts to put some closure on things for people affected.
Did the judge saying anything of interest?

Only that since M showed no sign of remorse, he would serve a 15 yr non-parole period.

Hope it starts to put some closure on things for people affected.

That's what I'm hoping for, too.

No remorse? Jesus, there's something seriously wrong with him, isn't there. Mind you, that is stating the obvious...