Thank you John Brogden (warning: political comments ahead)

for making me laugh so hard.  I think most politicians are idiots but occasionally one will actually prove that theory true.  John Brogden, now ex-leader of the NSW opposition, called the recently retired Premier's wife, "a mail-order bride" (Helena Carr was born in Malaysia, and is a highly successful business-woman in her own right), as well as groping a couple of women at a function.  Unfortunately for him the gropees were journalists, as were most of the people at the function - you'd think he'd be a little circumspect in what he said under those conditions, especially something as racially inflammatory as that phrase, as well as extremely hurtful and dismissive of Helena Carr.  What an absolute dickhead.

Bronwyn Bishop, on the other hand, makes me want to cry.  She is backing a push to ban Muslim girls from wearing headscarves at public schools, because she sees "their use as an iconic act of defiance".  I really don't see how this is an act of defiance, perhaps someone can explain that to me.   I don't hear her asking for a similar ban on crosses or yarmulkas or any other sort of religious symbols worn by people to express their faith.  According to the official Federal govt. website "Australia’s multicultural policy promotes acceptance of and respect for our cultural diversity. It embraces our Australian-grown customs and the heritage of Indigenous Australians, early settlers, and the diverse range of migrants now coming to this country. It supports the right of each Australian to maintain and celebrate, within the law, their culture, language or religion."  Maybe someone should point that out to my dear friend Bronwyn.  I am greatly concerned at this demonisation of others who aren't 'us', makes the world just a little more scary every day.  More frightening is the fact that the 'average' Australian doesn't care or see what is going on - their world view seems to have shrunk to their own home/family and bugger everyone else. 

Is it a coincidence that both John and Bronwyn are Liberal politicians, and I'm not really from that side of the political spectrum?  No comment.

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