One more brief moment of public embarrassment

Just to allow you all to have a final laugh, here is my page on The Einstein Factor website; Laugh away

Idol commentary - what a travesty that was. Roxane definitely deserved to go through - Australia you let me down!! The males are certainly a sad lot this year, at least next week the guys don't look like they all came out of the high singing, oooh oooh mould, plus dreadlocks - YES!!
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She definitely only got in on a sympathy vote - she's bloody awful. Mark really has turned up the wanker meter this year.
Newsflash! Wasn't a sympathy vote! :-D

No, no, no - it was a move straight out of the "it's not what you know" basket...guess whose father is fairly high-up on the ladder with Telstra...and got all the call centre staff to vote? Ooh, I wonder! ;-)

So, there you go. I was at least happy to know that it wasn't a dire lack of taste on the public's end.

(Admittedly, I thought perhaps that I'd given her an unfair judgement at first...but when she sang AGAIN last night and did EXACTLY what she did the first time (having already gotten through - so, no pressure, nothing to worry about...) I thought, nah, trust your judgement, Em. ;-) How ticked off were Kate and Milly?)

Fingers crossed Roxane gets through with the wildcard...I'd say she'll be judges' choice. They know that was a fuck-up. I felt sorry for Roxane...poor thing was shattered. Rightly so!

/Idol gossipmongering

I love idol gossip-mongering, and this totally explains the fiasco last night. I didn't think the public would be that stupid. A lot of people looked pissed off, and rightly so!
I'm glad I could share this with flatmate came home and when I mentioned how pissed off I was, she was like, I KNOW...and launched into the story! Still shitty, but at least the voting public weren't responsible!!!


I'm pleased I was around to help you vent! Bet she doesn't last much past the first few votes - unless Daddy has everyone working overtime.