One more brief moment of public embarrassment

Just to allow you all to have a final laugh, here is my page on The Einstein Factor website; Laugh away

Idol commentary - what a travesty that was. Roxane definitely deserved to go through - Australia you let me down!! The males are certainly a sad lot this year, at least next week the guys don't look like they all came out of the high singing, oooh oooh mould, plus dreadlocks - YES!!
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I KNEW it was the chickie out of Frente! Even pointed her out to my sister and she said nahhh, but I know my moosic!

Idol! It's like last year when they didn't let naire? in...that had me ropeable for weeks! If Roxanne doesn't get in on Wildcard I'm going to be severely pissed. That other lame girl got in ONLY because Mark trashed her. Ever seen that trend before?

Happens every year.
She definitely only got in on a sympathy vote - she's bloody awful. Mark really has turned up the wanker meter this year.
Newsflash! Wasn't a sympathy vote! :-D

No, no, no - it was a move straight out of the "it's not what you know" basket...guess whose father is fairly high-up on the ladder with Telstra...and got all the call centre staff to vote? Ooh, I wonder! ;-)

So, there you go. I was at least happy to know that it wasn't a dire lack of taste on the public's end.

(Admittedly, I thought perhaps that I'd given her an unfair judgement at first...but when she sang AGAIN last night and did EXACTLY what she did the first time (having already gotten through - so, no pressure, nothing to worry about...) I thought, nah, trust your judgement, Em. ;-) How ticked off were Kate and Milly?)

Fingers crossed Roxane gets through with the wildcard...I'd say she'll be judges' choice. They know that was a fuck-up. I felt sorry for Roxane...poor thing was shattered. Rightly so!

/Idol gossipmongering

I love idol gossip-mongering, and this totally explains the fiasco last night. I didn't think the public would be that stupid. A lot of people looked pissed off, and rightly so!
I'm glad I could share this with flatmate came home and when I mentioned how pissed off I was, she was like, I KNOW...and launched into the story! Still shitty, but at least the voting public weren't responsible!!!


I'm pleased I was around to help you vent! Bet she doesn't last much past the first few votes - unless Daddy has everyone working overtime.
Not laughing here - I'm in awe of the fact that you had the courage to apply for the show and go on the TV.

And you're using that Pangs poster icon - my favourite.
Just put it down to a momentary lapse of sanity. I was actually surprised at how nonchalant I looked, even though I was quivering inside.

Those poster icons are exceptionally cool - the 100 icon allowance really does let you play around!
Thank you kindly. I was surprised at how cool I looked even though I was internally terrified.

If I didn't know you better, I'd swear you were getting excited about this cricket too! I read somewhere that the weather's going to be a bit dodgy which will just make the tension even worse! Waah. I'm sure England would have won that last test if they hadn't lost most of a day to rain.