We breed 'em stupid down this way

Picked up the previously stolen car this morning - cost us $200 for the towing and storage fee, but what we got back more than covered that.  EVERYTHING was still in the car, it even still had petrol in it!  The handbag that was in it was stolen from six houses down from us, and the thief/ves had stuffed all J's cds, the cd player fascia, street directory etc into the bag, but then left it in the car.  I'm  thinking the expression 'thick as thieves' actually means thick as a brick.   They did try to remove the cd player, and it looks like it may be stuffed, but at least my sunglasses were still there, plus J's cds (damn, now I'll have to listen to them again).

PIMP - If you're a lover of Buffy (the character), go check out a new community that st_salieri has started up, called buffy_love .  Just ignore any posts from yours truly.

Better head off to the police station and deliver the other stolen stuff that was in our car.

caraway_ - I need a spork to stab out my eyes, I saw Ratty-Lee's video clip on TV this morning!!!!

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That is just really stupid, but I'm glad for your sake that they were, especially since you got your sunglasses back. Perhaps you could say that only some of the CDs were recovered.

And I think I'm really glad I cannot understand your comment to <lj user="caraway>.
Was very tempted to misplace the cds ;).

My comment to caraway_ referred to a contestant on Australian Idol last year that we both hated with a passion - she's just released a single, and it's all over the music video shows at the moment. Sometimes you just can't get away from certain people ...
Oh dear, that's almost sad, it's so thick. So you have two cars now?
Yep, that's us - a 2 car family. The poor old car really isn't worth anything, we'll hang on to it until the rego runs out in May next year, and then see what happens. After driving both cars today, I'm not sorry that we bought the newer one, and it will definitely be more economical, especially as petrol prices are on the rise (again). It really was just a kick in the backside to do something we should have done ages ago (update the car that is).

What was that icon you were going to make me, by the way?
Petrol prices here are appalling. My plan to be more economical is to do many errands in one trip, and to do lots more walking of the kids to school. Despite the price, people are still charging round everywhere in their big 4WDs, the great idiots.

The icon I was doing for you was one of Shane Warne with his arm round Ricky Ponting's shoulders in the middle of the last test, and I was going to have Shane saying: ``Rick, mate.... I know it's hard, but I think you should try Ashes blond.''

I made it but it didn't work properly.
Petrol's heading to $1.30 a litre here, doesn't seem so long ago that it was less then 80 cents.

I would have liked that icon!!
I'm sure I'm a paid account but they're still telling me I'm only allowed 15....
You have to pay to get extra user pics above the 15 you get with a paid account (12 months - $10.00 USD, 6 months - $6.00 USD, 2 months - $2.00 USD).
When PG and I were first living together, our apartment was broken into. While we were giving the report of what was lost to the police, another officer came into our place and said: "Hey, do you have an Adam Computer?" When we confessed, he showed us all our stuff, which had been left in the next apartment over by the thieves, because the next apartment had better loot. We were kind of pissed off.

Lets both send Death Thoughts to Ratty-Lee when she is, inevitably, on Australian Idol 3.
because the next apartment had better loot.

Ow, that smarts. One of our cars was broken into many years ago (think some coins were taken from the glove box), and our next-door neighbour commented 'gee, they left you car a mess'. Unfortunately the car always looked a mess!!

Ratty-Lee - where the hell did she come from?