Buffy intrudes at the strangest times

J and a couple of his mates went to visit the parents of his murdered friend today (that is so weird to see in writing).  They just wanted to say hi, see how they were doing, let them know that they'll all be there for the sentencing trial when the main protagonist is finally sentenced.  Giles' comment in The Prom immediately came to mind, "I had no idea that children en masse could be gracious."  I whinge and bitch about J a lot, but occasionally a moment like this happens, and I think that we haven't done too badly as parents to produce a kid who considers other people in such a way.  I felt very proud of my boy.  My other thought was, will there ever be a show like Buffy that influences me in such a way that I can apply quotes from it to random moments of my life - I suspect not.

We pick up the 'new' car tomorrow.  Not quite the way we thought we would update.  Now all I have to do is stop BM stressing about J driving the new car.

Speaking of graciousness - one of my lecturers has graciously given me 3 weeks extension on my work.  Hopefully that will relieve the pressure slightly and I will be able to catch up and not withdraw from any subjects.

100 icons!! - I've battled to get up to 68, but I'm going to keep searching until I get to 100!  I also fell for LJ's sinister attraction and signed up for automatic payment, and got me those 3 free months.  Looks like I'll be around for a while ::flist shakes in their gumboots:: 

In all the commotion of the weekend I forgot to comment on the final episode of Dr Who - this episode seriously rocked.  My little sci-fi heart went pitter-patter, can't wait for the next season.  I feel much the same way about Ben and Claudia on Stargate SG-1 - is that a fun show, or what?  I suspect I won't quite enjoy JM's appearance on Smallville as much as I'm enjoying Ben and Claudia's roles, even with Lex's bald head to ogle ...

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I loved the final episode of Dr Who - The Doctor, Capt Jack, but particularly Billie Piper as Rose.

I've got up to 87 icons, but decided to stop for the moment - I'm bound to see some more I like. I'm in search of the Dr Who Psychic Icon but can't remember where I saw it or whether or not it was shareable.
I was really pleasantly surprised with Piper's acting - all I knew about her was from the gossip mags. Looking forward to seeing her interact with the new Doc. A updated remake of Canterbury Tales started on TV last week (though it looks like it's a few years old), and she's in the first ep with Dennis Waterman and James Nesbitt - haven't had a chance to watch the tape yet.

So many icons, so little time ;)!!
The Canterbury Tales thing was shown here a while back, but I didn't watch any of them. I do remember that she got great reviews.
Good on J to keep up that relationship. Decent boy, that.

Great news about the car, extension and iconic glory. I find I quote just as much from the Simpsons as Buffy, but that might be the tweens who insist on watching it every night at dinner time.
Glad your J has that thoughtful side to him. Warms your heart as a mother. And how awful for the family that the whole judicial process takes so long.

I'm eagerly awaiting Dr Who episode 7 that's on tomorrow night...