Shit happens, you move on

Timeframe Sunday 14 August 2005:

4am-9:30am: Car stolen (time between J arriving home from mate's place and me looking out window).

3:30pm-5:30pm: New (OK used) car bought (OK again, will be bought when loan comes through).

The car is gone, we know that.  It was either a cheap way home, or stripped for parts.  We can't afford to pay $300 a week for a hire car for too long, but we have to have a car.  The car down the road that's been for sale for a while, well it's no longer for sale.  Upside - we will soon have a car that is only 10 years old, not 22 years old.  Downside - we have to fork out $5400 for it.  Upside - it will be cheaper to run than our old petrol guzzler, especially with petrol heading for $1.30 a litre.  Downside - we'll have to buy a new CD player for it.  Upside - the air conditioning works.  Upside - it goes like the clappers.  Upside - it's quiet.  Upside - it won't cost a fortune to insure, even with an under 25 year old driver.  Verdict - things could be worse.

Will only withdraw from one subject.  So I add 6 months to my degree.  Doesn't really matter, the degree is for my benefit, not for my 'career'.  My life is like a rollercoaster - big highs, low lows, but I'm still here, and still enjoying the ride. 

Thank you all for your kind thoughts.  Sorry to lay my crap on y'all.



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It's a car that we drive past nearly every day - private sale, just down the road. BM looked it over yesterday, and took it for a test drive - was very impressed, did a bit of bartering, and Bob's your uncle, we've got a car!