Crap, crap, crap

I know I complained about J's music, but I really didn't want it to be stolen, ALONG WITH OUR CAR!!  Just what we needed ...

ETA: List of things in car: 10 or so cds, pair prescription sunglasses, disabled parking permit with photo ID, uni disabled parking permit, e-tag for uni disabled parking (automatically opens gate to carpark). So I get the fun job of replacing everything, filling in reports, cancelling rego and insurance, driving J to and from school (he has exams all this week, and as a p-plate driver can't drive hire cars), and possibly pull out of my uni subjects (maybe just one anyway). We also have to find the time to look for a new car, and get a loan to pay for it. SHIT!!! I really, really hate life sometimes. The guard dog (yeah, right) has had a severe talking to - she didn't even chase a cat that was stalking the birds in the backyard yesterday, let alone wake us up to let us know the car was being stolen from our driveway. Slimy, skuzzbucket, poxy thieves.

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Thank you. Now we're just realising what was in the car - 10 or so of J's cds, my prescription sunglasses, my disabled parking stickers - what a pain to have to replace everything.
Thanks for the hug!

We were thinking of getting a newer car, oh well, guess we have to now ;) It's just a pain thinking of the sundry items that have to be replaced.
So sorry to hear this Deb. Bloody car thieves. So much extra stuff for you to have to do when you already had enough on your plate. And even if you got the car back, it wouldn't feel the same.

I have decided that I really should never get too complacent. Hubbie looked at a car for sale down the road this afternoon, and ended up buying it, so at least we'll have transport once the loan comes through. It's just bloody annoying thinking of the little things that have to be replaced, like my prescription sunglasses and disabled parking permit etc - and every second spent doing those things, will be another second I'm cursing the sodding mongrel who stole the car!
I'd like to do more than curse! We've actually 'bought' another car (once the loan comes through) - life goes on.
Lord Farquad! That's dreadful! I hope you don't have to drop a subject. This is a perfect example of why Special Consideration was invented.

::calls Anya the Vengeance Demon to deal with car thieves, as Anya the Vengeance Dog struck out::
That's life - will probably drop one subject. More important to support J and BM - that's fine by me. Just pissed off about the things that were in the car, time consuming to replace them all.
Thanks Jen - a few beers in the evening, and I'm feeling mellow rather than pissed off :)!! BM looked at a car for sale down the road, and we've bought it! Life goes on ...
Sadly (can you sense the fake concern) the cds were Jake's - my ears will have a slight reprieve. Seriously though, I am annoyed on his behalf, because he did buy most of them with his own money - adds up to about $300 or so. We'll have to replace them one at a time (I'm hoping that "Atreyu" is low on the list but I suspect he will want that particular one straightaway - even if the singer sounds like he's in absolute agony).
Sorry, hon. Notice in your later post you say you're going to have to drop one subject, which I guess is better than two and in a way I suppose it'll take some of the pressure off, but...

BIG HUGS from the other side of the world. Hope the cricket goes well for your guys whenever they pick up again.
My lecturer is letting me re-think the dropping - I'll see how the next couple of days go. J finishes his exams on Wed, and we may even be able to collect our new car tomorrow, so life could return to 'normal' fairly quickly.

Not feeling so bad about the cricket since I realised it's a five test series.
Not that I checked the score, but it looked to me from Spikereader's posts as if the Aussie's pulled of a miracle win. It's all just an overly complicated game of rounders to me, but if it makes you happy...