Spike-Whatever by inxsomniax

"My trip to Sydney" by Debbi

Successful collection of parental unit transpired, followed by evening in hotel, and successful transfer of aforementioned parental unit to airport next day.

However, I was inundated with calls from my brother (the titular head of the family). 

Phonecall 6pm Thurs night: "Yes, Owen, I have managed to collect mother from the station (I can read timetables), and yes we have managed to get to the hotel (I can read itineraries)."

Phonecall 7:30am Fri morning:  "Yes, Owen, we are up, packed and ready to go the airport terminal (I can set an alarm, I can read a flight schedule)."

Phonecall 1:00pm Fri afternoon: "Yes, Owen I saw Mum onto her flight (I can ask the attendants for special attention for my doddery 83 year old Mum - she even got paged prior to everyone else boarding the plane).  Yes, Owen, I did right down the contact numbers for the hotels she will be staying in (I can think ahead to what questions you may ask me)."

Am I pissed off at my brother - you think?  I am forty six years old - I don't need my big brother holding my hand anymore!!!  I don't know whether to be insulted, or what ...

In other news, do you think I should complain to the hotel we stayed in - I have had an hypoallergenic reaction to whatever detergents they use to wash their sheets  - I'm currently covered in red welts.  I have the same problem with dishwashing liquids and latex gloves.  I'm sort of special, aren't I?

BM and I were both too knackered last night to attend a trivia night at the uni with some friends.  Felt bad about pulling out but knew I wouldn't have been much use anyway.

Fandom kerfuffles - hmmm, may comment later, but one quick thought (two, two quick thoughts, Cardinal Fang) - LJ is just like real world sometimes, the power cliques love kicking you when you're down, and it is easy to forget that LJ is part of a thing called the World Wide Web - be careful what you say, you never know where it will turn up.

Off to make some beer, do the washing, and other fun stuff.

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First off, I definitely think you should complain to the hotel. Lots of people have sensitive skin: I've been known to break out in eczema after a night on sheets washed with something particularly allergenic. They should apologize and do something about the toxic stuff they use to launder.

Well I know the sound of a condescending older brother. I hope you sighed heavily and often in his general direction.

As for this disgraceful pile-on with cousinjean, I am so glad I am in my little tucked away corner of lj, away from the mean loonies. I mean, would a bunch of people treat a busker on a street corner that way, even a mime? She asked for money, people didn't have to give. Sometimes the very female world of livejournal just really sours me on women, y'know?
1. Think I'll send an e-mail at the very least.

2. He's so oblivious to anything that's not him, sighing would have been wasted.

3. Popular crowd eats and spits out unwanted member. "The Pack" really was an excellent episode! My reaction to the original post (before anyone else commented) was basically a shrug, and uh oh, and then I forgot about it. Women suck big time sometimes (and that sounded oddly dirty when I read it back).
Let's be unpopular together, okay? We can sit in a corner and snort over women sucking big time. Snort!
LJ flummoxes me sometimes. It can be such a network of wonderful support, and then it can be this voracious feast of feeding on the denoted unworthy - EGAD!

::Pulls up chair in unpopular corner, puts on dorky black-framed glasses, smooths down plaited pigtails, and pulls out nerdy book:: It's not always easy being in this corner, but it feels kinda comfy and homey, and it's always better with company!
I'm with you gals. Americans are fucking weird. Talk about over-reacting. Talk about cruel.

See my cute cricketer and his baby....

:: ducks and runs away ::
Glad you're back safe and sound. I'd let the hotel know about the allergic reaction. And I think you were very patient with your brother - I'd have told him that I'd lost her, or she'd missed her plane, or something else along those lines.

I get annoyed with my mum sometimes, when she tells me to look after the children, or not to lose them. I know she only does it because she worries, but it winds me up to think that she thinks I'm incable of looking after my children. Grrrr, families.

And Fandom Kerfuffles - I'm just glad they pass over my head.
Gah! I'm the baby of our family by a good few years but if any of my siblings tried a stunt like that I'd ring their damn neck...
You're more than welcome to have him, I've got another brother spare ;).

Welts are fading, and when I get the time I will send off a scathing e-mail to the hotel (well at least strongly worded).