And I'm off,

well, a lot of people would say I'm always off!  Heading up to Sydney (yuk) to meet my Mum at Central station, stay overnight with her in a hotel, and deposit her safely on her flight to Cairns tomorrow morning.  We had planned to have a bit of a ferry ride around Sydney Harbour, but it's bloody freezing here, not sure how we'll fill in the afternoon now.  So can't afford the time, but didn't know what my schedule would be like when I agreed to this back in June.  Oh well ... ::shuffles on mantle of dutiful daughter::
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Yeah, you're off your nut! ; )

Take care on those icy roads. Grit your teeth.

``You say Shane Warne
``We say soft porn!''
Is it sunny there? It seems like a nice brisk day here in Melbourne (says the Canadian).

Anyhow Deb, thanks for the call last night, and have a wonderful, er, decent, er, bearable time!
Is it sunny there?

Yes, sunny and nice, but freezing cold! I'm staying home, hee. :P