Speaking Strine

In response to caraway_'s challenge, my results from The Fair Dinkum, Ridgy Didge, Dinky die, True Blue, Dyed-in-the-wool, Let's Talk Strine SAO Quiz!

You got 20 answers right.
You got 0 answers wrong.
You're a bottler, mate!
You are a fair dinkum, ridgy didge, dinky die, true blue, dyed-in-the-wool Ocker-like strine speaker. Well bugger me, you could probably even play a didgeridoo and know the proper way to twirl a billy. Goodonya. Get us another stubbie while you're up, will ya... and have one yourself while you're at it!

Just as bloody well, or I would have been as mad as a cut snake!
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::smiles the self-satisfied smile of someone who has made a friend's day::
I didn't choose downunderdeb randomly, I'm proud to be an Aussie girl, who for some reason knows really obscure pieces of strine!
Meant yes, not no - my brain is seriously damaged by son's so-called music. Of course you're Aussie, I'm just really old with a good memory.
ROFL - good for you, Deb! Very colorful and inventive, if, obviously NOT English! LOL
But that depends on your definition of "English". I, for one, think I speak very good Australian English ;)!!!