Life is full of possibilities

I come bearing positive stuff, no bad vibes for a brief moment.

J has deemed The Eagles cool - he heard a cd at a friend's place and deemed it acceptable.  Came home, searched our cd collection (he doesn't understand LPs), extracted the Greatest Hits album, and went on his merry way to listen to it.  Now I think some of The Eagles earlier stuff is shit, but Hotel California and The Long Run are on my alltime favourite album list.  After weeks of listening to Atreyu (it occasionally sounds like the lead singer is having his balls bitten off whilst singing) and pleasant numbers such as Blood Children, This Flesh a Tomb, My Sanity on the Funeral Pyre, and Five Vicodin Chased with a Shot of Clarity, the sheer pleasure of listening to the strains of Take It Easy and Life In The Fast Lane has made my life a little more pleasant.  Once again life comes down to fragments of moments - talking to J about Ted Hughes' poetry, sitting in the backyard with BM watching a pair of Australian Ravens build a nest in a nearby gumtree, a glimmer of academic understanding during an online chat with my lecturer, and J being able to appreciate music that I like, and more importantly, can listen to without physical pain.  It really is the simple things ...

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Hee! I was going to mention the Thomas the Tank Engine theme song, along with anything from Barney or the Wiggles, as way more grating than death metal. Bless BIB, I adore his taste in music, except that he is in the phase of listening to one album until it reaches Thomas the Tank Engine repetitiveness. At the moment it is Green Day's 'American Idiot'. Which I love, but I am reaching the limit on it.

Your post was very 'To the Lighthouse', and I mean that in a good way.
the phase of listening to one album until it reaches Thomas the Tank Engine repetitiveness

It's not a phase. This is why I'm sick of Atreyu.

Literary-luddite that I am, I had to look up "To the Lighthouse" - I found an e-book available, now if I only had the time ...