Life is full of possibilities

I come bearing positive stuff, no bad vibes for a brief moment.

J has deemed The Eagles cool - he heard a cd at a friend's place and deemed it acceptable.  Came home, searched our cd collection (he doesn't understand LPs), extracted the Greatest Hits album, and went on his merry way to listen to it.  Now I think some of The Eagles earlier stuff is shit, but Hotel California and The Long Run are on my alltime favourite album list.  After weeks of listening to Atreyu (it occasionally sounds like the lead singer is having his balls bitten off whilst singing) and pleasant numbers such as Blood Children, This Flesh a Tomb, My Sanity on the Funeral Pyre, and Five Vicodin Chased with a Shot of Clarity, the sheer pleasure of listening to the strains of Take It Easy and Life In The Fast Lane has made my life a little more pleasant.  Once again life comes down to fragments of moments - talking to J about Ted Hughes' poetry, sitting in the backyard with BM watching a pair of Australian Ravens build a nest in a nearby gumtree, a glimmer of academic understanding during an online chat with my lecturer, and J being able to appreciate music that I like, and more importantly, can listen to without physical pain.  It really is the simple things ...

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When J was D & S's ages I was traumatised enough by "Thomas the Tank Engine" - why, oh why did the videos have to have the theme music at the start and end of each episode - a 40 min tape has a lot of eps on it!
Well, I have clearly gone bonkers -- m y way of coping with that is to start singing along in insane fashion. There's some apalling video S gets with a theme song: ``He's Rollie Polly Olly, he's small and smart and round, and in the land of curves and curls, he's the swellest kid around.'' I sing this crap. Arrrgh.
I used to be able to sing the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" theme song - 'heroes in a half-shell' - thankfully "The Wiggles" came along after J was past that stage. We did have some great dinosaur songs though - "great continental drift, floating all over the ocean", and one about a Muttubutasaurus, ahh ... those were the days.
Aaargh, I'm afraid I did not escape the Wiggles! They have to qualify for most inane and irritating songs. Though one of their videos did have quite a pleasant little interlude with Tim Finn guest starring -- he sang ``Six Months in a Leaky Boat'' for Captain Feathersword. The Ws were here recently on tour -- costs an arm and a leg for tickets. And I hear they're big in the US. I read an interview with them where they said they got all starstruck when Sarah-Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick brought their wee boy backstage at a New York show to meet them.
Channel surfing the other day, I caight Captain Feathersword doing Daddy Cool's "Eagle Rock" - I was very scared!
Eagle Rock is practically a sacred Aussie institution -- one of the great Aussie songs, along with, say, Friday on my Mind. You don't mess with Eagle Rock. Brings on a serious groove mentality whenever I hear it. The kind of song that sounds brilliant coming out of a car window.