Life is full of possibilities

I come bearing positive stuff, no bad vibes for a brief moment.

J has deemed The Eagles cool - he heard a cd at a friend's place and deemed it acceptable.  Came home, searched our cd collection (he doesn't understand LPs), extracted the Greatest Hits album, and went on his merry way to listen to it.  Now I think some of The Eagles earlier stuff is shit, but Hotel California and The Long Run are on my alltime favourite album list.  After weeks of listening to Atreyu (it occasionally sounds like the lead singer is having his balls bitten off whilst singing) and pleasant numbers such as Blood Children, This Flesh a Tomb, My Sanity on the Funeral Pyre, and Five Vicodin Chased with a Shot of Clarity, the sheer pleasure of listening to the strains of Take It Easy and Life In The Fast Lane has made my life a little more pleasant.  Once again life comes down to fragments of moments - talking to J about Ted Hughes' poetry, sitting in the backyard with BM watching a pair of Australian Ravens build a nest in a nearby gumtree, a glimmer of academic understanding during an online chat with my lecturer, and J being able to appreciate music that I like, and more importantly, can listen to without physical pain.  It really is the simple things ...

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LOL, Deb - soooo with you on the listeining to music that doesn't cause physical pain! My daughter and I, fortunately, like enough of the same stuff that she is willing to accomodate me most of the time and not play the ones she knows will make me cringe. Most of the time...never take a long car trip with an i pod carrying indie band fan. Makes you want to drive into a tree. LOL
J usually gives me a ride to uni on Wed mornings - it's absolute agony for my ears. I made some comment about the quality of the singing last week and he said to me, very seriusly, "you're treading on thin ice, Mum". I suffer in silence now ;)!
LOL - tell him I said moms don't tread on thin ice; we ARE the ice and he'd better figure that out soonest.
Glad to hear the aural torture has abated. It sounds like TTO may be developing some taste. From Journey of the Sorceror (okay, that's as much by association with HHG as for the music) to... well about half the Hotel California album it just never seems to get old. Sigh! I really need to get my CDs sorted out so that I don't need to dismantle half the bedroom to get at them.
Out LPs are in alphabetical order, but the cds are all over the place, probably because they get played more than the old black platters. I'm just appreciative of TTO's friend Rowen - he's the one who introduced him to The Eagles, maybe I'll have a quiet talk to Rowen :-).
Teehee. Maybe albums that come out before you're born are cool.

Maybe he might like America...``I've been through the desert on a horse with no name...''
I was surprised enough bout The Eagles, it just didn't seem him, considering some of the stuff he listens to - my ears are just grateful for the break!

Dr Who arrived back yesterday, and I received my second proper Dr Who dvd, so when I get a chance I'm going to watch the first 6 eps again.
Glad you got Dr Who back safe and sound. Episode 6 is on here on Thursday night!

Whatever aural assault my children inflict on me, I know it will be karmic payback for inflicting the Clash, the Sex Pistols and the Stranglers on my hapless parents!
When J was D & S's ages I was traumatised enough by "Thomas the Tank Engine" - why, oh why did the videos have to have the theme music at the start and end of each episode - a 40 min tape has a lot of eps on it!
Well, I have clearly gone bonkers -- m y way of coping with that is to start singing along in insane fashion. There's some apalling video S gets with a theme song: ``He's Rollie Polly Olly, he's small and smart and round, and in the land of curves and curls, he's the swellest kid around.'' I sing this crap. Arrrgh.
I used to be able to sing the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" theme song - 'heroes in a half-shell' - thankfully "The Wiggles" came along after J was past that stage. We did have some great dinosaur songs though - "great continental drift, floating all over the ocean", and one about a Muttubutasaurus, ahh ... those were the days.
Aaargh, I'm afraid I did not escape the Wiggles! They have to qualify for most inane and irritating songs. Though one of their videos did have quite a pleasant little interlude with Tim Finn guest starring -- he sang ``Six Months in a Leaky Boat'' for Captain Feathersword. The Ws were here recently on tour -- costs an arm and a leg for tickets. And I hear they're big in the US. I read an interview with them where they said they got all starstruck when Sarah-Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick brought their wee boy backstage at a New York show to meet them.
Channel surfing the other day, I caight Captain Feathersword doing Daddy Cool's "Eagle Rock" - I was very scared!
Eagle Rock is practically a sacred Aussie institution -- one of the great Aussie songs, along with, say, Friday on my Mind. You don't mess with Eagle Rock. Brings on a serious groove mentality whenever I hear it. The kind of song that sounds brilliant coming out of a car window.
Hee! I was going to mention the Thomas the Tank Engine theme song, along with anything from Barney or the Wiggles, as way more grating than death metal. Bless BIB, I adore his taste in music, except that he is in the phase of listening to one album until it reaches Thomas the Tank Engine repetitiveness. At the moment it is Green Day's 'American Idiot'. Which I love, but I am reaching the limit on it.

Your post was very 'To the Lighthouse', and I mean that in a good way.
the phase of listening to one album until it reaches Thomas the Tank Engine repetitiveness

It's not a phase. This is why I'm sick of Atreyu.

Literary-luddite that I am, I had to look up "To the Lighthouse" - I found an e-book available, now if I only had the time ...
Don Henley is one of my all-time favourites to listen too, I just love his singing voice.

Must remember never to listen to Atreyu. I'm so looking forward to the days when my two are old enough to choose what music they like - not.
"The Boys of Summer" gets me every time.

I could give you a whopping huge list of bands to avoid - HEE! - but there are also ones that I enjoy as well (Greenday for example), so it's not all bad.
It's good that he's developing his musical taste outside of what he's used to. I truthfully thank my parents ALL the time for bombardng my sister adn I with music from the time that we were born. So, as much as i enjoy listening to some hard rock, some that is a bit too loud and full of aggression and such, i still kick back to James Taylor and Simon and Garfunkel when the mood strikes.
There are bands that I would probably have never heard of if it wasn't for J, so I get something out of it as well. I'm not sure what the genre of bands such as Atreyu is called, but whatever it is, I'll be pleased when J's fanaticism has worn off a little.

My Mum was a real Sinatra/Martin fan when I was younger - I can still appreciate those songs as well!