Give me a break !!!

J gets up early this morning - why, apparently he starts his trial HSC exams today. Did he tell me - well apparently he tossed a book at me last week saying "here's the info about the HSC timetable". Did I also realise that there was information about the trials in this book, NO. Upshot is J has trials for the next two weeks, which means apart from the exams, he'll be mostly at home. Shit, Shit, Shit. I do not need to battle with him over the computer.

What I do need to do in the next 2 weeks is:

* Finish critical analysis and post.
* Do posting for this week as well.
* Read novel (Tim Winton's "Cloudstreet")
* Read critical piece on "Cloudstreet"
* Write essay on critical piece on "Cloudstreet" (due Fri week)
* Write essay on European terms applied to Australian conditions (due today fortnight).
* Travel up to Sydney on Thurs morning to meet mother at Central train station, spent night in hotel with her in Sydney, take her to the airport on Fri morning, make sure she gets on her flight to Cairns, return home via train, just in time to go to 2 hr tutorial at uni.
* Panic.
* Battle with kid over computer time.
* Panic.
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I read a Tim Winton book once. I think it was called Riders. I found the ending really annoying, but that was because I didn't get it.

Good luck to you.

Can you work out a timetable with J so you're not always fighting over the computer?

And, I say, it will all be over in two weeks!
Never read any Winton stuff - all I know is that he's very Australian - maybe that's what made it hard to understand.

J's not so bad - he can be quite agreeable as long as the hormones aren't up and down - it's the constant noise surrounding him that's the problem for studying!