Is it bad form to look forward to ...

your children leaving home?  I'm sure that I will feel terrible when the empty nest syndrome happens (and I have only one super-sized chick), but there are some days when I would happily pack all of J's stuff, move it for him, still cook him meals several times a week and do his laundry -  AS LONG AS HE LIVED SOMEWHERE ELSE!   I guess all teenagers have the capacity to go from pleasant to grumpmeister in 0 seconds, but it can get very tiring sometimes, not to mention the fact that they are so bloody egocentric.  This is why our parents encourage us to have children - not so they can get all gooey about their wonderful grandchildren, but rather so they can sit back and relish the fact that we are now going through the same frustrations that they went through when we were delightful toddlers and adolescents.  Payback's a bitch!

Hubbie is ill - stop the world.  How come when we're sick we still have to do the shopping, and the cooking, and the washing etc etc, but men aren't even able to get their clothes ready after they have a shower ::rolls eyes heavily::

Uni stuff over for the week, must now concentrate on 2 essays due in a fortnight - YUK!

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Hmmm. ::thinks back to my teenage years::

Right, I see what you mean. :P
Right, I see what you mean. :P

It's easy to forget, isn't it? I can still remember some humdinger fights I had with my Mum - my old wardrobe at home still bears the scars from me throwing shoes at it in the midst of a teenage rage!
Your man is with it enough to have a shower? Mine when he is sick can barely get out of bed or lift his head off the pillow. They make ME sick!

As for the other, it's a well kept secret torture that we never learn till we have the kids. And my oldest is only 13 so atleast you've got yours on the brink of possibly leaving. *sigh*

Was thinking today about going back to uni. The mere mention of assignments and how I am not coping with spuffy deadlines made me wake up quick smart. I have masses of admiration for you going back to do that. My brain is mush.
The shower was only for the benefit of the doctor he went to see this morning - he hasn't moved since ;).

I only have one pain-in-the-arse kid - I have nothing but respect and admiration for those who have more (bows down to you).

I have 1 kid, 1 husband, no job, and barely enough time to do uni - but I also have fellow students who are aged 50+. There's plenty of time ahead for you!!
LOL, Deb - hate to break it to you, but they never really leave! They keep coming back - asking for money, needing a place to live, etc.
They keep coming back

I've heard this - is there anyway to discourage this sort of behaviour? Moving with no forwarding address just seems so obvious ...
New Zealand looks quite pleasant - and it's a plane ride away, hopefully that will be far enough ;)!
We should maybe write that into our contracts. What? We don't have contracts?!?

We should start a union, one that has sick leave entitlements. We could call it MOO - Mothers Opposed to Overwork.
P.S. You also made it onto (I think they call it Whedon.Info now), so you're even more famous!