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New LJ look

Well I think I like it, maybe not, I could hate it tomorrow.  Oh well, that's another 2 hours I'll never get back.

caraway_ - let's hope, now that the auditions are over, that we get to see what's on offer.  Nobody really has grabbed me so far.

Back to reading and staring out the window at the rain.

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I like the look! Very black and white and dramatic.

Aus Idol: I liked the Wiggle substitute last night in Sydney, and of course I liked Marcia losing it. My faves so far are the Tazzie toughgirl and the pigkilling Nina Simone fan. Obviously, I am indulging my closet lesbian kinks, which are many and strange....
Yeah, I think I like it too. Not happy with the quality of the pics but I can't be bothered buggerising around anymore, and when I went searching for Veronica/Logan snaps, I was very tempted to watch the eps again, and then realised that this was in no way study inducing. It's clean and simple - 'twill do.

AI3 - Honestly no one has stood out for me - be good to get a chance to see again next week.

Never got back to you on the anniversary pressie - did you have any luck getting PG something?
AI3: They haven't given much of a chance for anyone to shine, what with all the emphasis on losers and nasty things to say to them.

Anniversary pressie: This is going to sound daggy, but so are we. I've got PG a picnic blanket, a nice bottle of wine, and a handmade journal. The concept is the external trappings of relaxion and self-expression. It's kind of 'high concept'.
I want to hear some singing, for gawdsakes!

Pressie - not hokey at all. I was going to suggest a do-it-youself gift basket with lots of things he especially likes - sounds like you came up with a much better idea.
Well, i like it. I was about to get all snarky about you flash gits with your fancy LJs that take half an hour to load on dial-up, but then yours came up in a few seconds. It's clean and cool and
i love the quote.

ps: Dr Who back in mail to you tomorrow!
OH GOOD - it's dial-up friendly! Yeah, I think it's growing on me too. You've got a paid account - you could change your look too!

The problem with the quote is that I don't know which Doctor I'm quoting ;).
Oh, you mean it's not CE saying it?

Yes, maybe he's not a ``gosh'' sort of guy.
I just googled for "Dr Who + quote", and chose this one from the selection. I've just been pondering which Doctor would say Gosh, and thought maybe CE would after all.
I read an article recently from the Daily Telegraph in Britain, which interviewed Sylvester McCoy after the latest series started and he said he thought it was fantastic and he was jealous of how well it was written etc. The only criticism he had was that he thought the Tardis was too clean. Said it should look really roughed up like it had been through an asteroid shower or two. He said the Tardis was so rough in his era that it was practically a health hazard.

Then they interviewed one of the actresses who'd played one of the Doctor's past handmaidens and she liked the new series but thought there was too much hand-holding!
Nah, I was just teasing! though it does amaze me how little I'm aware of what's going on in my own city. Comes from cancelling the newspaper back when the husband walked out!
Tim Ferguson is quite amusing (a stand-up comedian - he used to be in a group called the "Doug Anthony All-Stars". I had pretty much stopped watching "Dr Who" by the time McCoy and Baker Mark 2 did their stints. Katy Manning might have been interesting though - she lives in Australia now, and is the partner of actor Barry McKenzie Crocker.
My God. You know everything!

No, I just have an incredible capacity to remember absolute shite - pity I can't market it as a worthwhile skill.

I hate watching the auditions. I hate to say it, but I liked the 16 year old with every part of ehr face pierced. Come on next week! I want to see them SING!
Re the pierced girl - hubbie said "they're rejecting her for her looks - what about Casey last year". I thought "good point", but Casey wasn't a winner in the charts, unfortunately.

I'm right there with you - open up those vocal chords people, get on with the singing.
Definitely think the black goes better with the cream than the cyan? did. I'm guessing the right hand column of piccies is Veronica Mars (which I still haven't seen. I'm sure I mentioned downloading it to hubby but I think his selective amnesia has kicked in.) Ooh and look at the pretty icon I made while I was supposed to be writing belated birthday fic... Oops!
Think sometimes the simpler the style, the better. Thanks for the feedback. Yep, that's Veronica and Logan - I'm sad with my 'ships.

Good icon - and how true!! Ganya 4eva.