Not happy, Jan

Okely, dokely - the LJ format is getting there.  My header needs work - will get proper images off dvds tomorrow, rather than googling, but it's been fun.  I shall timetable it in as a break from readings - guilt now lifted.
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Ooooh! Non-Buffy piccies! I'm sure you'll get it how you want it eventually. You obviously have more patience with this stuff than I do.

I have to say I prefer this LJ layout to your old one which left a wide black band down about a third of the screen, between the pictures on the right and the lj entries on the left, I presume because it was designed for a smaller screen resolution than I use.
Buffy and Spike are still there!!! I'm spreading the fandom love around, but I'm not letting go of my Spuffy love.

Interesting to know about how the old one looked on your screen - think a banner at the top is best for everyone.
It will be probably different again tomorrow when I get some better images togther. I used to edit an online newsletter so my skills were constantly in use or expanding, now that I don't work I find I need to do these sort of things to maintain my computer skills.
Ooh, new layout! Pretty! Logan/Veronica is in there too! :)
Sheesh, there it is (the reply button), I'm finding it hard to find my own way around the new layout.

Thought it was time to branch out and encompass all my 'ships - will probably change once I grab some better images off of dvds - still it's fun, and not a hard task - I get to look at pretty pictures!