LJ activity curbed ::kicks stupid BA::

I suspect my online LJ activity will be severely decreased in the coming months.  Two research papers, massive readings, online postings, seminar presentations, mini essays, critical analyses etc etc seem to have taken over my life ::deep breath, begin chant, last two subjects, last two subjects, last two subjects::

Third year subjects suck, they, like, expect you to think and stuff, and do, like, tons of work and reading, and did I mention, think.  My brain hurts and it's only Week 3.  Oh well, back to Globalisation, Ethnic Identities and the Media.

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I suspect I won't be able to resist checking out LJ whilst I'm posting etc for the online subject - but I really need to be hard on myself and set a schedule and stick to it.

Globalisation, Ethnic Identities and the Media - this is the reading for the English subject I'm doing - the subject itself, still trying to work that out, seems like we will be focussing on "Whiteness Theory", white privilege, 'white' English as a race - if that makes any sense to you.