LJ activity curbed ::kicks stupid BA::

I suspect my online LJ activity will be severely decreased in the coming months.  Two research papers, massive readings, online postings, seminar presentations, mini essays, critical analyses etc etc seem to have taken over my life ::deep breath, begin chant, last two subjects, last two subjects, last two subjects::

Third year subjects suck, they, like, expect you to think and stuff, and do, like, tons of work and reading, and did I mention, think.  My brain hurts and it's only Week 3.  Oh well, back to Globalisation, Ethnic Identities and the Media.

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The pom-pom waving is much appreciated. Sometimes I wonder what I'm doing back at school - it's a lot of bloody hard work!

So pleased you liked the CD - happy to share the antipodean talents (as well as the Spuffy). Oohh ... I'm a inspirator ::feels warm all over:: I had to do something to say thank you for the great birthday pressie. I preordered the next Dr Who dvd last week (couldn't help myself) - it comes out on Thurs. If I get all four I can get a talking Dalek shaped bottle opener that says "Alert, alert. It has been exterminated" - how's that for an incentive.