LJ activity curbed ::kicks stupid BA::

I suspect my online LJ activity will be severely decreased in the coming months.  Two research papers, massive readings, online postings, seminar presentations, mini essays, critical analyses etc etc seem to have taken over my life ::deep breath, begin chant, last two subjects, last two subjects, last two subjects::

Third year subjects suck, they, like, expect you to think and stuff, and do, like, tons of work and reading, and did I mention, think.  My brain hurts and it's only Week 3.  Oh well, back to Globalisation, Ethnic Identities and the Media.

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Thinking? That sucks and blows, man! Maybe you should consider Macquarie, where they will take any old Canadian racist fool as a prof.

Stay strong, honey.
Yeah, thinking sucks - I'd insert the quote where Willow and Buffy are talking, and Buffy says she's wearing glasses in her montage, and Willow says "Poor Buffy" and something about her occipital(?) globe, but I can't for the life of me remember what episode it was.

I don't think I helped myself by writing in my diary all the due dates for my assignments, and then, you know, there they were, in black and white (well OK, pencil with different highlighter colours for different subjects), and that's a little scary, but AUSTRALIAN IDOL tonight - it's something to look forward to, maybe ...
Did you really use highlighter colours for different subjects? How willowy and dux-like ::chortles in a hopefully laughing with you way, since I alphabetize the spicerack::
Yep, yellow for ENGL375 and orange for HIST239 - slightly Willow-like, and hey I was a Dux, anything wrong with that?

I have alphabetised our LP records - even have a platterlog of what we have - that's not anal, is it?

Chortling is acceptable - just no full blown guffaws, thank you very much.
The pom-pom waving is much appreciated. Sometimes I wonder what I'm doing back at school - it's a lot of bloody hard work!

So pleased you liked the CD - happy to share the antipodean talents (as well as the Spuffy). Oohh ... I'm a inspirator ::feels warm all over:: I had to do something to say thank you for the great birthday pressie. I preordered the next Dr Who dvd last week (couldn't help myself) - it comes out on Thurs. If I get all four I can get a talking Dalek shaped bottle opener that says "Alert, alert. It has been exterminated" - how's that for an incentive.
Good luck, honey! We'll miss you, but we'll all be waiting when the academia is over. Take care.
Thanks for the good thoughts - looking at my workload, I suspect I need it. I don't know how full-time students cope - probably better organised than me, and not so easily LJ distracted.

At least with the online subject I'll actually have an excuse to be sitting at the computer, and breaks are good for you - all the OHS books say so. I'll still keep an eye out for A&D updates!
Will miss you around here but hey, last two subjects! Woo! That's wonderful for you and we are all rooting from this side :)

And hee, i think i took that class. Or at least a variation of it.
I suspect I won't be able to resist checking out LJ whilst I'm posting etc for the online subject - but I really need to be hard on myself and set a schedule and stick to it.

Globalisation, Ethnic Identities and the Media - this is the reading for the English subject I'm doing - the subject itself, still trying to work that out, seems like we will be focussing on "Whiteness Theory", white privilege, 'white' English as a race - if that makes any sense to you.
Oh, Deb -- we'll miss you!

I would rather excavate my eyeballs with a fork then put myself through what you're doing.

:: admires your stickability ::
Glad to know there will be missage. I'll still be here, just not so often. I'll have to set a schedule and stick to it - LJ can be very alluring when you are attempting to avoid something.

Sometimes I think I was hit with the crazy stick - still ... ONLY TWO SUBJECTS LEFT!!!! YAY!!!!!