I really hate the words TO BE CONTINUED

Our broadband plan is unlimited, but capped if we exceed 10gb of downloading, because of this I like to use the 10gb whether we have a need to or not ... just because ... Anyway I downloaded the first 2 episodes of the new season of Farscape Stargate SG-1 - what fun they were!! I'm not much of a fan, watch the occasional episode here and there, but I think I'm hooked now. Really enjoyed seeing John Mitchell as the head of SG-1, and Claudia Black looks like she's having a blast playing a Chiana-like Vala. It ain't Farscape but BEN!!, CLAUDIA!! - 'twill do! Of course now I have to wait till Sat to d/l the latest ep, bloody to be continueds. Hopefully I will enjoy JM in the Smallville role as much as I'm enjoying Ben and Claudia. Also good news on the casting front with Anthony Stewart Head joining the next season of Dr Who, and Sarah-Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) making an appearance as well - as I said to spikereader Sarah-Jane - WOO HOO!!.

Attempting to get into some sort of schedule for studying - am at uni Wednesdays and Fridays, but also have to plan for the online subject, which as a third year subject has got me trying to wrap my mind around "whiteness theory". This week's task is finding an example of white privilege - now if I can just understand the concept of white privilege, I'll be a step closer to doing the task. I better get back to my readings, and hope for a light-bulb moment.
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