Big birthday wishes to a great mate ...


kassto was my first LJ friend. That's one of the reasons why she holds a special place in my life, but she is also a wonderful Mum, patriotic Kiwi, rabid conservative, avid cricket fan, excellent debater, Spuffy lover, and just a great person to know. Thank you so much for your friendship, and I hope you have a wonderful birthday - you deserve it!!
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Deb, was I really your first LJ friend? That's right -- we met somewhere down the comments list on some herself_nyc fic, didn't we! I'm all touched -- thanks for the lovely thoughts. All right back atcha. Love the moving type, you smartypants.
Yep, you sure were - we agreed on the ickiness of the Spangel if I remember correctly.

To scroll: < marquee > text < / marquee > - without the spaces, of course!
Some truths are eternal, aren't they. Spangel is still icky!

So THAT'S what marquee means. I always wondered.
For me there are many icky pairings - Spangel, Spaith, Spara, and the ickiest, ickiest of them all - SPANDER!!!! I'm a Spuffy girl, no apologies.
Our Spike is true to his Buffy, and that's all there is - even if she can be a bitch sometimes, but that's who he wants, so that's OK by me!
Angel, says Sir Joss,
Is Buffy's one true love.
That Spike got in the way --
You watch -- he'll get the shove!
We know what's true,
That Joss is a wanker,
Since "Something Blue",
Spike's been Buffy's anchor!

P.S. Do you think we are slightly obsessed?
Anyone who can rhyme ``anchor'' with ``wanker'' is OK in my book, obsessive or not. Actually I find it is my obsessions that make life worth living.
Actually I find it is my obsessions that make life worth living.

I think I'll make this my life creed - viva le obsession!