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Hi y'all, I have birthday pic spam

Here is my birthday booty:

Pressies bought for me by wonderful LJ mates

The pink fuzzie thing is a stubbie (beer bottle) holder, keeps your hand warm while keeping your beer cold!

Things bought by ME with birthday money

The digital camera only costs $50 - we've already got 3 Canon SLRs, one 35mm zoomie thing, 2 APSs - a cheap digital was all we needed. Now if I can just work out how to download the damn pics to the computer - these are old-fashioned scanned pics - and as I'm currently not enamoured of the male part of my nuclear family, ain't no way I'm asking one of them to show me how to do it!! Back to the unclear-translated-from-Turkish instruction booklet ...

Things I've ordered, but haven't arrived yet

The kid formerly known as J, now The Tattooed One, went for his P2 driver's licence today, and passed with 100%, so he's moved up from Red Ps (90k restricted) to Green Ps (100k restricted). Has to hold this licence for 2 years before he can move on to a full licence. Very different from when I went for my driver's licence way back when. I just fronted up to the local police station, cop got in the car, drove around town, answered some questions back at the station, and voila - red Ps for a year, and then full licence once you turned 18. It was different again when I went for my MOTORCYCLE licence (bet some of you didn't know I'm a bikie chick!!) - had to do computer test, and then riding test - thought I had failed because BM didn't get me to practice emergency braking stops. I passed and off I zoomed on the mighty Yamaha 250 (later upgraded to a Yamaha 550). Alas my osteoarthritis has put a halt to my riding days.
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Ooh, Farscape. The 3 years P-plates is such a pain! Doing a test every year. And zero alcohol too (I think. I don't really drive so I'm fuzzy on that)...*g*
The zero alcohol is a bloody stupid concept - drink some cough medicine, and you're over the limit!! Can't even have a light beer - now we're back to driving J to and from parties etc so he can have a few drinks because he can't drive himself.

Hmmmm ... Farscape. Once my Peacekeeper Wars dvd arrives, I'll have the whole set, and I can have a Farscape-a-thon!
Woohoo! Looks like you had a productive bday!

Glad that it seems to have been a good one for you! :D
Some National MP proposed a Hoon plate for young men aged 17-25. While I am strictly against stereotyping by age and gender.... it made me LMAO.
Not a bad idea - I only have to hear a car driven a certain way, and I know it will have a P-plate on it!
God, when I was a lass, I got my full driver's licence when I was 15. Bit of a written test, drive round with the cop (who it turned out went to school with my older brother) and bob's your uncle.

My little sister and I between us managed to wreck my mother's dear little Morris Minor.
Nice pressies.

The kid formerly known as J, now The Tattooed One

He's going a bit the way of 'The artist formerly know as squiggle' with all these names. *g*