Birthday ponderings

Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes - much appreciated - at least some people remembered!!!!!!!  I think today is reflective of the benefits of LJ.  My husband got the day wrong (yeah, 21 years together, 46 years of birthdays - suddenly my birthday is the 26th - he's stressed, work is crippling him - I'll forgive him, this time ...).  My son - he's 18, he obviously didn't programme it into his phone ;), plus one of his best mates just lost his Great-Aunt yesterday (who was more his mum than his biological Mum ever was) - I'll cut him some slack.  Thankfully, I have LJ friends with better memories.

One of my brothers rang to wish me happy birthday - only because he would have spoken to my Mum yesterday and she would have reminded him.  I ring him every year on his birthday, just because ... it's the little familial things that matter.  He asked me how my day was - well, you know, I got up, made breakfast, made lunch for hubbie (he had the day off work - went for a motorbike ride and a bushwalk, and apparently had a really GOOD day, isn't that great?), washed some clothes, hung them out, felt inordinately pleased at kicking the Poms' arse at cricket, logged onto the computer, printed out some readings for uni, replied to comments on LJ, contemplated why we have to have John Howard as a Prime Minister, made lunch, washed up some dishes, thought about how I could make a difference to our country - threw up my hands in despair, went grocery shopping, considered the state of the (I use the term loosely) Federal opposition in this country, made tea, pondered world peace, watched TV, and realised how sad it was that I was excited about the debut of Australian Idol 3 tomorrow night, and then thought - my life isn't very interesting, I'm not that interesting - it was just another day, and I'm another year older, and I suspect I'm feeling extraordinarily sorry for myself.  On that note I will retire for the evening.  Once again, thank you to all those who sent birthday wishes!  Who knows, tomorrow I might try for an upbeat post, and maybe even present a photo of "what I got for my birthday ... but not from my husband or son"!!!!

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Sorry I didn't realise it was your's not quite 12 AM, so I'm still on time...


Here's to a wonderful day and the same for everything thereafter.

(I know it's a bit late for the wonderful day...but you get it, I hope. ;-))


Thank you for your birthday wishes - much appreciated.

Re your reading theme - all I could think of was "Join the League of Superheroes" - but I think all that says is how old I am that I can remember the comics and cartoons ;)!!
Always a pleasure!

Hey - any ideas are welcome...if it's catchy, it's in the running! Thank you! :-D

Thank you very much!! ::busily preparing her own streamers to throw and cake to eat:: Is it the 26th there yet?
Not the 26th here yet... lacking about 4 hours. I'm holding on to 25 until I have to let it go LOL.
I'm holding on to 25

Now I've got John Mellencamp running around in my head:

"Hold on to 16 as long as you can
Changes come around real soon, make us women and men.
Oh yeah, life goes on
Long after the thrill of livin is gone
Oh yeah, they say life goes on
Long after the thrill of livin is gone"

Sadly I had to let 25 go a LONG time ago, cling to it as long as you can!!
Oh, I LOVE that song! I am clinging quite tightly... technically, I'm 25 until 4:35 p.m. tomorrow, so I've got a few bonus hours to play with LOL.

Hope that your day was lovely! :D
Hmm. I thought you'd be bored with your team winning everything. I heard on the radio news this morning that some Aussie paper's done an interview with Simone Warne who says her estranged husband still can't understand why his marriage is over and she thinks he needs psychological help. Hah.

I hope your menfolk were suitably apologetic and will make things up to you. I'm sure they are fine chaps, but I was getting pretty annoyed at them on your behalf yesterday.
The always winning does get a little tedious, but the satisfaction in beating the Poms never wanes!!!!

Shane needs serious help. Moving to England to get away from the intrusive press - OH, that's really intelligent Shane.

BM muttered something that sounded like an apology - it's OK, I'm over it ::she's says through gritted teeth::
*Sniff* and now I'm bad becuase I am so out of it lately with birthdays and everything...but other than that, your days are scarily similar to mine! Poor labor just up and died when John Howard first got in. Please someone help them be decent again???

And I am with you. I am so hungry for some Australian Idol. I wish I had a DVD recorder so I could send some of our aussie talent to the US so those guys can see what our talent is like...although, Carrie did sing Guy's song for her final!!! What does that say? My son is constantly saying, why should we have to get American Idol when they can't be bothered getting us? Sour grapes me thinks.

Anyway, I hope now hubby thinks today is your b'day that he gives you a fantastic day.

And oh, don't we nearly always beat the Poms in cricket??
American Idol was fairly bland - you'd think in a nation of that many people, they would have come up with a better selection.

Thanks for the belated birthday thoughts.

Poor, poor Labor - don't know what they can do to be viable again. I don't think Kim was a good choice (again).

We may always beat the Poms, but it is still satisfying none the less - blame our Colonial past!

How are you doing? I hope things are a little better for you.
Thank you for your birthday wishes.

My husband and son tend to be forgetful in these sort of matters - don't know why I was surprised. Never mind, I got some DVD goodies, so that's of the good!!
1. PG often gets my birthday (which as you know is also the b-day of our daughter) wrong, although I swear he does it just to take the piss out of me. BM and the tattooed one owe you. Big Time.

2. Hey, the debut of Australian Idol 3 is also one of the things that I'm looking forward to this week. So I'm a saddo too. Let's be saddos together, if you can bear the fact that I also have been watching Big Brother 5 and have an itty bitty crush on Tim (which I will only admit to you and deny deny deny otherwise).
1. I'm not holding my breath.

2. Yep, you and me against the world babe - bring on AI3. I have completely ignored any reference to BB5.
Okay, the last person to post was right on the money. BM and TTO owe you big time!

I can't say my life is much more exciting than yours. I did actually get out the house today when I took a pressie for my sis and bro-in-law up to the post office. That'd be nine days since I last left the house. The Scots don't even play cricket. They play football... and lose. They play rugby... and lose. Actually, maybe it's a good thing they don't play cricket.

Hope boys are making it up to you today.
J passed his driver's test (next stage of the Provisional licence system), so at least I don't have to pay $33 for another test - that pleased me.

I bought myself a box of choccies - that cheered me up. If only I could get rid of the slight hangover headache, the world would be a beautiful place.
Hope the headache goes soon. Take care of yourself. Obviously, if you don't, it's no good relying on the men in your life...