Smallville reflections - fandom moments, move along

I am happy to admit to enjoying Smallville when it first aired here.  I found it funny, and self-reflexive, and self-referential, and it had one of the Hazzard boys - ooooohhh, eeeiieee!!  Lex soon became a lust-bunny - I like 'em grey and ambiguous, so sue me.  The station that owned the rights soon started playing its' usual games with sci-fi stuff (this is the same station that aired Farscape S3 in 3 frigging weeks, every week day at 5pm, Tues, Wed, Sat at 11pm) - moved nights, took it off for a couple of weeks, then finally stopped showing it all together midway through S2.  Back then I had limited dial-up, and was pre-occupied downloading Buffy and Angel, so Smallville slipped into the abyss. 

Last week I signed up for a home delivery dvd rental service (first month free) - Smallville Seasons 2 and 3 went straight on the wishlist (and this was before the momentous news!).  The couple of things I've seen JM in since Buffy/Angel have left me fairly cold.  Wasn't sure how I felt about this new role, but after due consideration and more information, have decided I will be quite happy to see him in a another genre role, playing an evil dude.  He will, no doubt, grab the role by the balls, and make it his own.  I'll look forward to that because I think it will be, once again, a showcase for his talent, and I'm happy to go along for that ride.  If nothing else, he'll be back on the screens - I can admit to a slight case of JM withdrawal - I have no problem admitting to that, well at least here anyway.

So downloading schedule for the new American TV season now consists of Lost, Veronica Mars and some episodes of Smallville - I can live with that.  Do you think that J will believe that NONE of his shows are airing in the new season?

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this is the same station that aired Farscape S3 in 3 frigging weeks, every week day at 5pm, Tues, Wed, Sat at 11pm

Oh yeah. I remember that. I watched most of season 1 (think it was on Saturdays back then), and managed to catch quite a lot of season 2 too, but I had no idea when Farscape was supposed to be on and I don't think Ch9 ever showed S4 here?

I'll probably be watching Smallville too, even though I've heard some bad reviews of the past few seasons...
That's right - S4 Farscape never was shown here ::curses Ch 9:: I honestly don't know why they bother with sci-fi shows, they always bugger them up!

I quite enjoyed what I saw of Smallville - happy to give it a go, especially with the new Big Bad!

Sorry the money situation hasn't improved. Good luck with the job interview.
I'm with you, Deb. Very disappointed in JM's few appearances on TV this past year. But, you're right. If he's playing a bad guy, he should be able to take the ball and run with it. I only watched Smallville regularly the first year or so, but obviously will make an affort to find it again this coming season!
Yep, happy to see the Big Bad back - JM does evil very well, maybe that's what was wrong with his roles this year! Plus I kinda like Lex a wee bit ...
Never watched Smallville, so the DVDs will be going onto my Amazon rental list (after the Angel ones I'm currently working my way through).

And James on TV again has got to be good - have to wait and see how they take the role and what he makes of it.
Oh, you're only just catchin up with Angel? We watched it from the beginning - my son actually preferred it to Buffy in a way - said he enjoyed the 'darkness' of the show over the 'lightness' of Buffy, but then again he's a strage kid ;-)!!

Will be interesting, as you say, to see what the PTBs have in mind for the role and how JM handles it, and nice to have him on the TV screen again.