Oh, she's so gorgeous. She looks like she's looking at you and thinking: ``Mummy, why are you flashing that little thing at me? Where's my dinner?''
I suspect that is exactly what she is thinking.

Dr Who mailed this morning! A new episode is on TV tonight - Sat is our big viewing night.
Anya is an Australian Kelpie (bred for working sheep, but I doubt she would recognise a sheep if she fell over one!). She was 2 in June. She's our third Kelpie - we call her our little model dog, very pretty to look at, but a little lite in the brain department ;-). Her kennel name is Pavesi Anna Belle, but we went with Anya - my husband says it's because Anya is the Polish form of Anna, I say it's because she can be a little vengeance demon sometimes! Our son wanted to call her Niobe or Trinity or Buffy or Willow - Anya seemed a good compromise!!!