Nothin' much happening here ...

... although I am nearly eBayed out, hubbie places the initial bids, then I get to do eBaywatch, place last minute bids, and run around to the various banks to deposit money when item won.  Feh ... the life and times of a non-working woman.  Still I did get those Buffy Watcher Guides, and maybe a cheap entertainment unit for Jake's room (if the bidding doesn't go too high tonight), so he can have his camera stuff, and I'll keep the whining to a minimum.

Jake's contemplating a cadetship with BHP, know he's not happy in the school environment.  School and Jake really are not mixy, he's too much of a threat (metaphorically not physically) to the teachers, continually challenging their fragile power base, that it creates a fairly tense atmosphere for all involved.  Still he knows we won't let him leave school unless he has something else lined up, so will see what happens.

Looking forward to returning to uni next week, trying desperately to get the old mind into gear after a six month break, and groaning slightly at the subject outline - God I hate group projects (spend too much time in my own company and always feel slightly out of it because I'm a 'mature-age student' among the young things).  Not sure how a group project will work with an online subject, but I guess I'm about to find out, but for now at least, it's back to the ironing and more S1 Dark Angel .

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