Sharing books sucks

I was going to read more of The Half Blood Prince tonight, but oh no, the kid (the one that the book was supposedly bought for) wanted to read more, mostly because I was a page in front of him - dueling bookmarks indeed!!

I will finish the damned book tomorrow!

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I'm having the same problem... just with my husband. He's about a third of the way further along in the book, so our bookmarks are getting further and further apart. The real problem is that I get the book while he's at work or asleep and I've been busy doing other stuff during that time.
It's Friday here now - J only has school Mon through Thurs, and usually he sleeps in on Fri - not today. He's in his room reading NOW!! Heh, who would have thought I would complain about my son reading - at least he doesn't like Harry Dresden (I've just finally gotten around to ordering the latest book) ::waits patiently for Amazon to deliver::