Goodies, I have goodies

Courtesy of an injection of early b'day money, I now own Farscape Seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4 (will order The Peacekeeper Wars online later this week).  I also now have Half Blood Prince - woo hoo!  Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow ...

Meeting with lecturer re online subject went well - looks like it will be fairly interesting.  The subject deals with the interrelationship between cultural industries and the dominant (white) story of the Australian nation.  Have a major research project to do for it - can be any medium we choose within the subject parameter - film, advertisement, journal, poetry etc.  Big difference is that within the group we are allocated, we will proof-read one or two of the group's research papers and provide critical feedback - YIKES, not sure how that will go.  Still it is something different, and it will be interesting to read someone else's work for a change. 

Second subject is on campus - first lecture on Wednesday morning.  My life suddenly got busy.

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Sounds like you will have a busy semester! The topics look really hard to me. :P

And yay Farscape! I should probably do a rewatch soon, this time with commentaries on...
Probably only sound hard because the topics are from a different bent to what you are used to - law subjects would have me tearing my hair out!

Re Farscape - looking forward to the rewatch, have already picked up stuff I missed from my rewatch of S1.
Well, I hope you manage to get your HP fix sorted out before you get immersed in all that academia. And can I say how very distracting your "Doctor" icon is. I keep finding myself watching it instead of reading the post. It would be much kinder if you actually let him go to the toilet.
Jake and I have already had the initial fight over who gets to read it tonight (he did), but he returns to school tomorrow which means I have all tomorrow morning to read it!!

The Doctor is now relieved, and sitting calmly with Rose.
Pity you can't do what we're doing... we're essentially reading it at the same time, with dueling bookmarks. It works relatively well, because I can read it while he's at work, and he gets it whenever he's home (and I'll also read when he's asleep). We've done this before with other books, so we've got it down to a science!
That sounds like a good system. We have such a diverse taste in our household it rarely is an issue, apart from Harry, that is. Hopefully I can get it finished today.
Ah, see... we have this problem a LOT in our household. But then, we met at the Science Fiction club in college, so I suppose it was inevitable. :-p
Okay, had a funny moment there where I thought you were going to say you'd picked up a DVD or two of "The Goodies." :-p
Read something recently about "The Goodies" - that's right, they were doing a live tour in Britain earlier this year, a comedy festival or something, I think. However you've jogged my memory, so I might see if the online-home-delivery-dvd-rental thingie I just signed up for has any copies of "The Goodies", and I'll put them on my wish list!