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Goodies, I have goodies

Courtesy of an injection of early b'day money, I now own Farscape Seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4 (will order The Peacekeeper Wars online later this week).  I also now have Half Blood Prince - woo hoo!  Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow ...

Meeting with lecturer re online subject went well - looks like it will be fairly interesting.  The subject deals with the interrelationship between cultural industries and the dominant (white) story of the Australian nation.  Have a major research project to do for it - can be any medium we choose within the subject parameter - film, advertisement, journal, poetry etc.  Big difference is that within the group we are allocated, we will proof-read one or two of the group's research papers and provide critical feedback - YIKES, not sure how that will go.  Still it is something different, and it will be interesting to read someone else's work for a change. 

Second subject is on campus - first lecture on Wednesday morning.  My life suddenly got busy.

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