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My fandoms have always been Spike-orientated

Signed up for one of those dvds-delivered-to-your-home-deals yesterday with a month free trial - we'll sign up to the cheapest deal when the trial ends!  Placed a number of items on the 'wish-list' - the kid wants Mythbusters, BM wants High Plains Drifter and The Searchers, I want various episodes of  Smallville, Black Books and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  On the reserve list (when they're released here) is Battlestar Galactica and The Ascent of Man.  My hope is to get to watch all the shows that have been cancelled here before all the episodes were shown (I don't want to buy the dvd sets) e.g . Smallville stopped around Ep 16 S3, never shown again.

Whilst I've been perusing the selections, I have become quite excited because two guilty pleasures have shown up - when I was a stay-at-home Mum first time round with baby J, I used to watch a few kid's shows that I became quite addicted to - a couple of these shows are now available on DVD (be still my beating heart) - Degrassi Junior High (and then Degrassi High) and Press Gang - one Canadian, one British.  I've just realised in my state of nostalgia that both shows had characters called Spike (OK the Degrassi Spike was a girl but she was a REBEL).  I obviously have a predilection for shows with characters called Spike ;-).  Now all I have to do is work out a schedule to ensure that I can watch my shows, and do uni stuff as well - oh, hell who needs a BA anyway ...

Sadly the money put aside for Harry Potter was spent on a night out at the Western Suburbs Leagues Club - J grunted that he had a good time.  My Potter reading will be delayed until payday ::curses teenage son who places a good time out with mates more important than a good read::

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