My Farscape-A-Thon begins

Trying to veg out before uni returns next week (2 subjects - EEK!, plus a son who is quickly approaching his HSC - end of senior high school exams, my free time is going to be very limited), and since I have recently added Farscape Season 1 to my collection, I've gone right back to the start.

A few quick comments (nothing earth-shattering, nothing of great import, just some casual observations):

  • Ben Browder looks so young in the first episodes, maybe it's the All-American clean-cut look - he gets very scruffy (and very yummy) in the later seasons;
  • It was instant UST as soon as Aeryn removed her helmet;
  • Feels weird hearing Crais' voice as Pilot;
  • I still miss the original music ... Wah;
  • Rygel's helium farts - even at close to 46, I can still appreciate a good fart joke!

As for Dr Who, it just keeps getting better and better - the DVD (first 3 eps) is on my list for purchase next week.  Fandoms, how I love thee - as my good mate caraway_ said to me, we all need a little fantasy in our lives.

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I've only watched the first 3 eps so far - forgot how much I love the humour in it, think that's what I missed the most in the last couple of seasons of Buffy.

A friend met Claudia Black at a convention a few years ago, she commented on what a lovely person she was - very gracious to the fans.