Buffy fandom doldrums

Not sure what has happened, but my Buffyverse love seems to be slipping away, don't know what to do to arrest the problem - submerge myself in a Buffyfest, stay away from fanfic, not read any analyses of seasons, not read about any of the actors involved, hope that things will seem different tomorrow (breaks into rousing rendition of "Tomorrow, tomorrow").  Maybe it's just the winter blues.  I think I'll think about it tomorrow.
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I've been having this feeling, on and off, for some time too. I haven't been watching BtVS episodes fora while, and haven't been reading as many analyses of the show as I did before.

But I say reading good fanfic is probably a good way to go? Or just give it a rest for a while. :)
Maybe sticking to fanfic is the way - although I now have Seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4 of "Farscape", courtesy of Big W's latest sale, so maybe I'll immerse myself in another fandom.

How goes the money chase?
Hee, I'm glad you got them cheap, I spent $100 roughly on each season but it was worth it. Evil cliffhangers. Evil show. :P

Money chase is not going well atm, no money received yet. Sending out letter of demand tomorrow, I hope that works. It's good though that I've been getting in touch with some other people working there or people who have worked there before, and it's probably going to work out better if we all work together in chasing them up for money.
What, they've done it to other people as well - dirty, rotten mongrels. So sorry that this is your introduction to the working world - it completely sucks. Sending good wishes and vibes to you.
I really felt the same when I got back from the Con. I felt like the actors and DF were a bit down on fanfic...and after meeting them I felt like the mysteries were over. I did a lot of talking to people and now I am finally finding some motivation to write again. hallelujah...I've written four chaps of Careless Memories...maybe watching the dvd's would help or having a discussion with some Buffy fanfanatics.
discussion with some Buffy fanfanatics

Maybe that's what I need - but where do I go? Maybe I should just stay away for awhile ...
I think, the thing is what you have to work out is whether losing interest is a bad thing. In a very real sense, BtVS is dead. Fanfic writers are bound to gradually drift away to other fandoms and really original material is obviously going to be rarer with no fresh canon material to work from.

Not to say that my own enthusiasm has waned, but if you feel like your interest has to be forced, and it's reached the stage where it's more like work than a hobby, it rather defeats the purpose.

Maybe if you take a break you'll come back to it. Maybe you won't, but there isn't a right or wrong thing to do. Just what makes you happy and what doesn't.
As I commented elsewhere I know that the negativity and other things have been affecting how I feel about the show lately. Yesterday I was ready to say goodbye, but in the light of a new day, I think I will just say farewell to the bits that annoy me about the fandom - I've invested too much in the show (and Spuffy) to let it go that easily.
Whatever you decide, I'll continue to keep an eye out for your lj postings (though I won't understand any references to Farscape).

If you can separate the good from the bad and keep the good bits then all the better.
I seriously need not to take into account other people's take on the 'verse. I fell in love with the show in 1997, Spuffy a little later - that's all that should matter.
Like I say, stick with what makes you happy, whatever elements or subsections within the fandom that might be. I long ago gave up posting on for example, because the unpleasant elements there outweighed the good, in terms of effects if not in actual numbers.

And if all else fails curl up on the sofa with a duvet and watch Jayne be a goddamn hero...
I thought you might say that... Not sure if hubby's realised yet that I'm serious when I keep asking him if he's booked a day off for the 30th of September.
"Serenity" is wonderful, so great to see the characters on the big screen, and well worth a day off work. How could he not know you're serious?
I'm sure Brad will enjoy it as well. Just don't think he believes, yet, that I'm serious about going on the opening day, but then it's his look out as I'll go on my own if he doesn't book the time off...

Anyway, time I put the lights out and let the computer read me The Maltese Falcon until I fall asleep.
Meh, I've been feeling a bit jaded as well. Not just with Buffy (analysis and fic), but with every bit of pop culture I used to find entertaining. Oz has been overly melodramatic of late, no good Idol or Idol-imitators, I'm not really on the Serenity-ship, House did not grab me, Lost is very good but not great, Veronica Mars we'll have to see in September. It may be seasonal affective disorder, or the hiatus before The Next Big Thing.
I'm hoping it's the seasonal affective disorder, otherwise what am I going to do with 7 seasons of Buffy dvds!! Think I'm over-analysed out - I like the show because I like it, damn it, and I don't have to give any high-falutin', critically analysed reasons why, or subject every single scene to a deconstruction - it kind of takes the fun away.

"House" isn't doing much for you either, huh? I even watched "24" last night out of desperation.
'House' is Marcus Welby with the CSI TMI-cam. And I adore Hugh Laurie, so it really is disappointing. On the other hand, did you see Mediawatch, with the rightwing commentator who read an entire satiric article off the internet about left-wing schools, including the question at the end 'when did you realize this was a gag?' and then fulminated about left-wing schools? The story made my day. Also, Denton's interview with the McCartney sisters was amazing. I'm very fond of the ABC, dag that I am.
The Swedish chef has obviously addled your brain. Didn't watch the ABC - instead spent 2 hrs watching "24", why you ask - well it has a new character played by an actor I adored in "La Femme Nikita" - after 2 hrs that reason didn't seem enough anymore. Bork, bork, bork.