Of fondue and Chilean mummies

Spent a pleasant evening out with friends last night, imbibing in various fondue dishes.  The only problem with fondue is that you seem to eat all night - started eating at 6:30pm with cheese fondue, bread and vegies, then meat cooked in oil fondue, then chocolate fondue and various fruit.  It was 10:30pm by the time the food part of the evening was over, and then we still had to find time to look at a hundred or so photos - it was a major show, photos on disc, projected on the wall via computer and projector.  My good mate H, who is a librarian and also a not-so-amateur archaeologist, spend 6 weeks or so earlier this year in South America, part of it on an archeological dig in Chile.  I remember getting an e-mail from her when she was at the dig - she was so excited, they had found some intact Chinchorro mummies at the site - by the time the dig was finished, they had uncovered 18 mummies.  Now for a person for whom archaeology is a passion, it was like a dream come true.  So we got to see lots of pictures of Chinchorro mummies (apparently the mummifiers used to completely dissect the body and then put it all back together, and cover it with mud, and then keep the mummy in the house, "don't mind Grandma, we'll just prop her up in the corner!").  Also got to see a fairly spectacular glacier up close, and the Moai staues on Easter Island, and various other sites from Chile up to Ecuador.  The best part was H giving us a mini-lectures on a lot of the places - she is so passionate about it, and so knowledgeable, it makes learning about these places seem so much more personal, and as I know I'll never get to see any of these places, it's kind of nice to live them through her eyes.

It's a cold and wet Sunday afternoon - off to finish making some ham and pea soup, bottle a vat of beer, and watch the latest Dr Who episode.

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Mmmm, fondue. Haven't had fondue for yonks, didn't bother bringing the ancient pot to Oz. Ah well, 2nd hand ones must be easy to find!

Were you out on Saturday morning? Wasn't it glorious?
I bought one from a school fete for the princely sum of $4, but apparently you can still buy them NEW - we saw 2 such virgin pots on Sat night, all stainless steel, shiny and new - one looked like something out of the Space programme.

Well if by out, you mean in the backyard enjoying the sunshine, newspapers and coffee, then yes we were, and it was indeed glorious.
Fondue pots seem to be back in, along with taking your husband's name! It's as if Bewitched is still on ;^)

We looked out our hotel window on Saturday, and everyone in Coogee was (1) on their balcony; (2) in their bathrobe (3) reading the paper and drinking coffee ::kicks self for missed photo opportunity::
McDonald is a nice enough name, but it's NOT my name. I was born a Hasler (Hasler by name, hassler by nature), and that's the name that I'll take to the grave.

Well for us fondues never went out of style ...
I actually have well-developed imaginary personaes for our married names. Carolyn Hunt is British, probably horsey, and much better dressed than Carolyn Whitzman. While David Whitzman is positively rabbinical, and definitely less feminist than David Hunt. I'm rather glad we aren't them!