I try to be a good Mum ...

I used to think childbirth was terrifying, but I've just experienced something far worse.  Me, the passenger; TTO, the driver; and what he laughingly calls music playing on the cd, and a 15 minute drive down to his mate's place.  It's hard relinquishing control when you've been driving for 30 years, but I was very good - not one nagging comment, "what's the speed limit for red P-plate drivers again", "aren't you a bit close to that car in front", "did you have to change lanes then", "shouldn't you slow down for this corner" - nope, not one word.  Of course my upper lip has the imprint of teeth from biting down, and the door handle has hand grip marks that may never fade, but not one nag from me - GO MUM!

I have whiled away the day perusing new recipes (thank you flist), watching S2 Farscape (D'Argo and John are such fun together) and learning how to animate icons - not very well (points across to dancing icon), but it's a start.  More practice tomorrow - prepare for the onslaught of Buffy and Spike, and possibly John and Aeryn, doing all sort of things, very quickly, in my new icons.

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When they were on special at EzyDVD and other online places, I didn't have the money. This time I was determined not to miss out. I think I paid $120 for S4, but I got it the day it came out (after the way Channel 9 screwed around with airing "Farscape" and the fact that I had already d/l "The Peacekeeper Wars", I had to know what happened next!