Cheap meal recipes

As we are a one income family, it tends to be feast (the immediate week after pay) and then famine (the week prior to pay).  There are only so many exciting ways to cook mince (beef mince usually, about $12 a kilo - approx $US9 or 5 British pounds, 1 kilo = approx. 2.2 pounds), and it's becoming harder and harder to find new recipes.  Lamb is incredibly expensive at the moment (because of the drought), it costs about the same as some types of steak.  Vegetarian meals are a no-go because TTO has a pathological fear of vegetables.  Does anyone have any recipes for good cheap meals that their families enjoy, and are willing to pass on?

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Hmm, ways to make meat go a long way...
If you are interested in any of these, yell out and I will send recipes:
1) I have a nice meatloaf recipe, which uses mince and sausagemeat but makes it into something more than the sum of its parts.
2) A dish using chicken pieces, chunks of potato and chunks of pepper, drizzled with olive oil, etc, and grilled in the oven -- very tasty
3) Bacon and egg pie -- I tend to add a few extra things to mine -- frozen peas, some grated cheese, some finely chopped onion -- all helps beef it up.
4) Sausages can be quite an economical meat meal -- a couple of fat ones on a man's plate can make him feel like a man. Some butchers make really nice ones these days.
5) A homemade pizza with a token offering of whatever meat is fancied, along with other toppings.
6) A quiche, or egg-based pie, which can conceal vegetables inside, but a few strips of bacon or ham on top can make it look meaty.
7) I have a nice Indian fried rice dish that has one or two vegetables in it, but I have added strips of beef to it (sliced piece of schnitzel goes a long way), or shrimps, or even thin slices of omelette for an egg foo yongish sort of feel.
8) And chicken wings are pretty cheap, and I like marinading and grilling a pile of them.
Ooh, they all sound wonderful. I think the boys would like 1, 2, 3, 7 and 8, if you get the chance. Thanks for helping stretch the budget!
Mexican chicken and rice

Saute about 8 chicken drumsticks (or 4 drumstick/thighs divided)in 1 T. oil until brown and remove. Add a large onion chopped, one red pepper and one green pepper cut in strips, and a couple of cloves minced garlic and saute until soft. Add 1 t.-1 T. of chili powder (I mean mild Mexican chili powder, unless you want to die), 1 or 1 1/2 cups rice (depending on how hungry you are), 2 or 3 cups chicken stock (depending on amount of rice) and the juice of one lemon and bring to boil. Add chicken and cook for 25 minutes or so. Sprinkle with coriander for extra snazz.

If you want to make Indian chicken and rice, replace chili powder with curry powder. If you want to make Italian chicken and rice, replace chili powder with a mix of basil and oregano, and replace half of the chicken stock with diced tomatoes. This is one of those things I make weekly, so I vary for my sake more than the vacuum cleaners.
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One of my favourite storecupboard meals is chicken breast (chopped or whole, uncooked), onion (chopped and sauteed) and mushrooms cooked in condensed mushroom and/or chicken soup, to make a sauce. Just slam it in the oven for about an hour, adding some halved white seedless grapes about 20 mins before eating. I usually serve it with rice.
Now that sounds interseting, especially the grapes. Chicken is still relatively cheap, so a new recipe is wonderful (TTO doesn't recognise vegetables if they're in something like a casserole!!!).
TTO doesn't recognise vegetables if they're in something like a casserole

Sounds like Bethan, I have to mash broccoli and carrot up into potato and gravy so that she will eat them. Ellen on the other hand eats fruit and veg as though they are going out of fashion.

Glad you liked the sound of the recipe - the grapes really perk it up.
TTO has such a phobia about vegies that he actually feels ill if he eats them - he wouldn't touch some food when he found out I sauteed onions in it first (had for years, he just never came into the kitchen while I was doing it). He will eat pumpkin soup though - weird kid - thankfully he loves rice and pasta.
Have you tried those continental sachets for Chow mein? With the mince and cabbage? they are very nice. Only other things I do with it is lasagna and spag bog. I am the least creative cook in the world.
I am the least creative cook in the world.

With the busy life you lead, you wouldn't have time - at least your creativity goes into your writing (lucky for us readers).