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Still alive, despite an "oh, shit" moment

The virus still clings to my body - moved down into my chest so I now have a hacking cough (you really need to know these details, don't you dear flist).  Worst part of a virus thingie when you also suffer from osteoarthritis - your joints ache even more than normal.  Whinefest over.

BM is 'working from home' today, therefore the computer is off limits to everyone else whilst he records narration onto a PowerPoint presentation.  I've slunk off to the uni to do a number of things - collect a book on hold from the library, pre-order the new Harry Potter book, deposit some no longer needed textbooks at the bookbank and hopefully get some money back for them, and make use of the computers.  Also bumped into a lecturer/tutor and had a bit of a yarn with her.

Now the 'oh shit' moment.  There are some of you who suffered through the whole me and my moment of fame when I went on the quiz show The Einstein Factor, with Buffy as my special subject.  Now apart from BM and TTO, I have only told two other friends (apart from my LJ friends that is) about the whole sordid ordeal, and have been deliberately obtuse about the air date for my show (it's not till August).  The show airs on the ABC (our national broadcaster, a non-commercial station) and therefore does not attract vast numbers of viewers, so I had hoped that my moment of glaring embarrassment would be restricted to viewing by very few people I know.  However, as I have watched shows on the ABC during the last week, I've suddenly realised they have PROMOS for The Einstein Factor.  It was a very blonde moment, because duh, of course they have promos,  I watch them every week, but I suddenly looked at BM when the promo came on while we were waiting to watch Dr Who, and said "um, I could feature in one of those", and BM just looked at me and said "oh promos, we kind of forgot about that, did you say anything funny?", and I got that deer in the headlight look, and said "God, I hope not!".  All I have to figure out now is how to stop anyone I know from watching the ABC during the week before my show airs ... crap, crappity, crap.

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