Still feeling crappy

Thanks for all the well wishes - haven't had a chance to reply individually.  Still feeling pretty wiped out, mostly from lack of sleep.  Sinuses played havoc last night, and I didn't remember that there was any anti-histamine in the house until about 2:00am.  By the time the tablet took affect, it was after 3am before I got to sleep.  BM, of course, got up at 7:00am to go for a ride on his motorcyle, unintentionally waking me up.  Then when I got back to bed later in the morning TTO woke me up because he couldn't find any socks - 18 years old and incapable of looking through a laundry basket, but like most men if he can't find it on top of the pile then it doen't exist.  Now have to help BM clean out the fridge - why, oh why does today have to be the day that he wants to get things done around the house.  "Men, can't live with them .... pass the beer nuts."
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Your man helps clean out the fridge?? Hang on to him.

Took me a moment to remember what TTO meant...
Oh gross. Slightly belated good wishes, and happy fic reading in bed.