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Feeling crappy ...

I have my second dose of tonsilitis in as many weeks, and this one really has a hold - sore throat, sore ears, blocked sinuses.  Think I'll go back to bed, and read the latest chapter of A Parliament of Monsters, and continue feeling sorry for myself.
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Antibiotics are my friend - throat feeling less painful now. Think after suffering from it 2 or 3 times a year, for 35 years, I'd be used to it!

Thanks for the good wishes.
Poor you. Take care of yourself, and even if POM doesn't cure you, it'll certainly make you feel a bit better.
Oh, poor Deb. Sending you big honey, lemon and whisky vibes across the Tasman. Get those menfolk to run round after you.

I must catch up with POM too.
I had a Bundy rum and coke - that helped. BM won't let me put anything in his single malt whisky (Glenfiddich) - says it's a sacrilege!

The new chapter is a good one.
Tell him I said Glenfiddich is nasty stuff. If he wants a whisky to savour on it's own he should be drinking Glenmorangie. Now, I bawled out my other half for drinking that when he couldn't taste anything but he could gargle with Glenfiddich if he wanted and I wouldn't care.
I'm not the whisky connoisseur in this family, I'm happy to put coca-cola in the stuff (well not single malt, even I know that that is sacrilege), although I do like Glayva. BM will definitely be looking for a taste.
Chaps do tend to get defensive about their single malts.

Just off to watch your guys play the Poms at cricket. Watched a little bit of the All Blacks v the Lions; rugby doesn't do it for me though. Our little capital has been invaded by Lions supporters -- some 30,000 of them in town, including Prince William.