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Happenstanced (via flist) upon a downloadable copy of the Rove Live interview with James Marsters and Anthony Stewart Head courtesy of a kindly LJ-er, bluebear_74. If you haven't seen it already, it can be found here. If there are any problems, I can always upload the copy I downloaded.

The rain is absolutely bucketing down here, lashing against the windows, making quite a noise. It's the most heavenly sound, can't remember the last time it rained this hard - must be 3 or 4 years ago at least. Not prepared to say it's broken the drought yet, but ...

I declare tomorrow a National Day of Mourning as the Federal Liberal Coalition gains balance of power in the Senate. The Senate was designed as a house of review, now it will be just a rubber stamp for whatever reforms little Johnny Howard thinks this country needs. Our only hope is that a few National Party senators have a conscience, and will occasionally cross the floor. Of course the National Party is all about privatising profits and socialising losses, so it's probably a forlorn hope. At least the union movement has finally found the motivation to try to be relevant again. BM will be heading to the stop work meeting tomorrow, fully supported by his employer, the NSW Government.
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Go BM, the workplace legislation is scary. And the Labour 'opposition' such a waste of space at the moment. My hope is that the Liberal hegemony will allow the dissenters within the party to speak up, as happened recently in the case of refugees. And who knows how Family First members will vote? Maybe I'm being foolishly optimistic.

It is Canada Day today.
Happy Canada Day to you. I shall wear my toque in celebration.

Being foolishly optimistic is better than being impossibly pessimistic.
D'oh. I meant Canada Day tomorrow, of course. Umbrella today, toque tomorrow. Have some maple syrup too.

The problem is that my optimism is beginning to sink into obliviousness. The last time I thought about Iraq was months ago. Not that 'sending a good thought' is effective.
Ah, that's why it's not on my calendar (just turned Spike over, yep there it is, July 1).

Isn't there some ritual of pouring maple syrup on snow/ice and then eating the hardened maple syrup - for that I would endure snow.

The more I see of JM, the more of a Spike fan I become.
Yes, this ritual is part of the mysterious early spring rite known as 'sugaring off', and was a great delight of mine in my youth. In general, however, the rule of 'yellow snow, you don't want to know' is a good one.

JM is a good actor, who created a lovely role with the help of skillful writers and convincing co-stars. And he has a good body, quite calendar-worthy. Ahem.
Steer clear of the yellow snow, gotcha.

JM=heh, take him or leave him; Spike=droolworthy ManGod, why is that?

Re children - remind me to tell you about J TTO and his story of why we could be classified as good parents - involves a metaphor and lateral thinking which apparently even at about 10 TTO could do, I'm still trying to work it out!
Fairly big turn up in Sydney too today - BM rang me from the rally to say that the protesters stretched from Town Hall dow to Circular Quay.

Now I can say it - Happy Canada Day!
John Howard is a horrible little man, always was, always will be.

When are you heading to the con - what days do you have tickets for?
He's a weasel. My husband always thinks he's funny by saying I voted Howard infront of my friends. It's a guarantee to get me riled up, as he is the liberal supporter in my family. Anyway, heading off Saturday afternoon, concert that night to listen to JM's 'sweet' music *huge guffaws* and then the Con on Sunday. I will be meeting Mefiant, Alwaysjbj, and Temptation. Now I am just worried about the rain. And my husband driving our daughter for her holidays with her grandmother. Knowing my luck, he'll be late getting home and I will be stuck with three kids and miss the plane. In which case he will be singing very high for a freaking long time.
Every family has to have at least one liberal supporter ;)

I'm sure you'll have an enjoyable weekend, even with the 'musical' evening. I want reports, hopefully they may include something about future acting work! Bon Voyage, and have a great time meeting up with LJ friends - say hi to Alwaysjbj for me.