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RoveLive with Tony and James - a brief comment

Obviously Tony is a calming influence on James - no sign of Tigger this year, or maybe James stayed away from the Red Bull.  Not the most revealing interview ever done, but also not cringeworthy.  Praise be ...

Praise be also that James (or someone) has decided that the prison bitch buzzcut isn't all that attractive - his hair length can actually be quantified, maybe a centimetre at least!

Here's a link to a transcript of the interview at the MarstersofOz forum for anyone who is interested (not quite as good as watching the interview ;) - Transcript

I just realised that I missed it at 10:30! Am relieved that he's not too hyper this year though. Were they mainly talking about their time on the show, or future plans?

Ooh, I like the growing out of hair. I think I approve. :-P
Actually it was a bit of a 'nothing' interview - James and Tony seemed to talk to each other more than answer Rove's questions. James was also fairly honest about a few things - like the breakup of Ghost of the Robot, and auditioning for Buffy. I always enjoy listening to Tony's 'real accent'. I guess I could transcribe the interview, or send a copy to you (I taped it), if you were that interested ... There will probably be a copy of it to download shortly anyway via Buffy.nu etc.
I read a few LJs where comments suggested JM and Tom would be an interesting mix, but alas (or luckily) Tom was beamed in via satellite.

James looked really good with the extra hair, and the colour is great as well. No ripped jeans, or shirt opened to the navel, but he did do the hands in the crotch thing - James, James, James ...
A big "woohoo!" for the haircut news (I wonder if he finally started going to someone to have it done, because I firmly believe he's been buzzing it himself).

I wonder if anyone recorded the show and digitized it... might have to start hunting around online.
He actually looked very good, the hair really does suit him much better when it's got some length.

The interview will probably turn up on Buffy.nu, or somewhere like that in the next day or so. I'll keep an eye out.
I found a copy of the transcript of the interview - put a link in my original post, if you're interested. No video so far.
My Rove Live experience (not dissimlar to Skylee):

8.30 p.m. Apres ski, thinking 'must stay awake to see the Marsterssszzzzz''
10.15 p.m. Wake up and see Geneva from Big Brother.... agggghhhh! I say to PG, did I miss Spike and Rupert? PG, in his usual phlegmatic way: 'Yes. He was up himself'. 'Which one? What did he sayzzzzz'

Which is why I'm grateful for the transcript. Still, the RL person is so not fantasy boyfriend material. Sigh.
Still, the RL person is so not fantasy boyfriend material. Sigh.

Spike sustains a lot of disenchantment with the real thing ::braces for lightning strike:: - he really is a bit of a dipstick, and the "you should see my girlfriend" comment, man, how old is this guy. Holden Webster would have had a field day with this guy - Buffy may have had a inferiority complex about her superiority complex (or was it the other way round?), but JM has inferiority issues that require major intervention.
I long ago decided that it is Spike that I love, and that JM seems like a really nice guy, if a little dorky, but he doesn't rock my boat. Hopefully that opinion doesn't offend anyone.

The Doctor, as played by CE, is also a character that I'm finding quite adorable, even to the point of displacing Tom Baker as my favourite Doctor incarnation.
I long ago decided that it is Spike that I love, and that JM seems like a really nice guy, if a little dorky, but he doesn't rock my boat. Hopefully that opinion doesn't offend anyone.

I'm not offended, even though JM could rock my boat any time he wants. Brad Pitt, on the other hand, although lusted after by many of my friends, does absolutely nothing for me.

And I quite agree with you about CE as the Doctor - and he keeps on getting better throughout the series - hope you continue to enjoy.
I don't get the Brad Pitt thing either - Troy was the last movie I went to and I spent most of the time looking at my watch. Spike, however, could leave his boots under my crypt anytime!!

Only up to Ep 6 in Dr Who (I think there's 7 to go?), but I suspect that I will wholeheartedly continue to enjoy. I told my husband that the next series will positively be downloaded, rather than wait for it to air on TV here (even though CE won't be in it - the writing is exceptional, and I'm sure the next Dr will be fine). Hubbie has instructions to go buy the first DVD of the new series next pay ...
Huh! How old indeed. God I love aussies with a good head on their shoulders. When I saw him on Rove last year I nearly died. What a freak. I still can't work out if he is all just show and has no idea who he really is himself underneath. I think you and I should surf the same wavelength. Sweeet relief to find a like mind.
The initial shock of JM over Spike - always memorable. Right there with you about what we are seeing - fake personae or real, whatever it is, I'm pretty sure it doesn't do it for me. Still I hope the convention experience is good for you. I've done Star Trek cons in the past, and really enjoyed them, but Patrick Stewart is even more gorgeous as himself that as Jean-Luc, so that was a bonus. His Shakespeare reading was to die for - the man has the most mellifluous voice!
I've heard JM read and he has a very dreamy voice...I just don't want to look at him without the bleach and fangs...I'm not very fangirly. It's sad.
Did you laugh at Tony calling JM's music 'sweet'...gahhhhh *cackles hysterically for another hour*..and as hot as his apparent girlfriend is, am I mean for wanting to hear she's a doctor and at least 30? As for ASH...he is a lot hotter than I thought and Ic an't wait to see him in the flesh on Sunday....
wanting to hear she's a doctor and at least 30?

In the words of the bard, "Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished", but I suspect a wish that will go wanting. As soon as he said the thing about the girlfriend, all I could think was "who are you trying to impress, dickhead". Not going to win me any new friends in the Spike/JM fandom, but there you go ...

ASH - just like Willow, he had me at the song in "Where the Wild Things Are". He was absolutely delicious in the last series of "Monarch of the Glen", mainly because he used his real accent - YUMMY! I'm so jealous, but I hope you have a great time. Think I'm more disappointed because it's a lost chance to catch up with new LJ friends - oh well there's always next year.
There are still tickets, *coughhintcough* and I know I'm leaving Sunday night if you need a room...

I tend to tone down my JM sarcasm to the US friends...some are seeing the light...but the guy reminds me of my father...we won't get into that here, LOL.
Much as I wish, finances won't allow it - the real downside of being a one income family.

tone down my JM sarcasm to the US friends

The toning down applies to a lot of areas - not just James.